Designed for both interior and exterior applications, ThinStone™ is our 100% natural stone veneer. Not only does it offer everything you love about natural stone without the heavy lifting, but it's easy to install, economical, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any client's design needs.


Available in over 80 colors and patterns,
we have standard ThinStone products and cuts in stock
at our Milford and Stamford location.


Are you looking for a unique size,
blend, cut or finish? ThinStone can be custom
made to specification.

Manufactured in Milford, CT

Whether you're across the world or down the road, we work on projects of any size. Manufactured right in Milford, CT, our ThinStone product is so versatile, it provides you with an endless amount of possibilities.


ThinStone provides masonry professionals, architects, and designers a number of advantages that they can offer their clients.


Whether you have a residential or commercial project, exterior or interior, ThinStone is the perfect lighter weight material for a variety of applications.


Our ThinStone product is easier to install than traditional building veneer and can even save you time and money. Here, you can read through the steps involved in the process.


Have questions about our ThinStone product? Here are our most commonly asked questions, answered!