ThinStone™ Veneer: Standard Cuts

Our natural stone veneer, ThinStone™, is available in a wide range of cuts to suit your specific project! Below you can explore our six standard ThinStone™ cut options available to you.


Natural, irregular-shaped mosaic stone is excellent if you're going for an organic and informal/casual look. It is trimmed by a mason to fit together like a puzzle and has a natural texture to it. Typical size ranges from about 6"x6" up to 12"x18".

Square Cut

Our Square-cut ThinStone™ provides a tailored aesthetic for both transitional and contemporary applications. Typical sizes range from 4"x4" up to 12"x18.

Strip Cut

Our strip-cut ThinStone™ can be used in a variety of decors, from traditional to modern. The typical size ranges from 3"-6" in height and 6" to 16" in length.

Ledge Cut

While similar in style to our strip-cut, ledge-cut ThinStone™ ranges in size from approximately 1"x4" up to 3"x13". This modern cut offers clients a contemporary style with a natural texture.


ThinStone™ rounds are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Naturally round stones are cut thin to eliminate excess bulk. Typical sizes range from about 5" to 9" in diameter.


ThinStone™ corner pieces are a must when "wrapping" this veneer around intersecting walls or columns. Our corner pieces make for easy and seamless installation, whether you're using ThinStone™ on a wall, fireplace surround, shower, or any other application. These pieces are notched to easily wrap the corners of buildings, walls, and fireplaces. When installed, ThinStone™ Corners create the appearance of full-dimensional veneer.

Blend standard patterns together for a custom look:

Harvest Cream Strip and Ledge Cut
Harvest Cream Strip and Ledge Cut

No matter what kind of ThinStone™ cut you're looking for, Connecticut Stone has you covered with these versatile options. Contact us today to find out more about our standard cuts for this innovative veneer or schedule your visit to our showroom and check out some samples in person.