Why Choose Wallstone?

Best Stone For Retaining Walls & Landscaping

Wallstone serves an important purpose, especially when it comes to slowing down erosion on a property and marking its boundaries. However, another important element is making the wall appear natural and beautiful while also bringing an element of charm to a property. With wallstone, you can create well-constructed retaining walls that add character to your outdoor landscape.

Available in a variety of patterns and colors, wallstone can be purchased loose or palletized and is sold by the ton. On average, our pallets have 1.5 tons (but they do vary) and cover approximately 15 cubic feet per ton.

Has Historical Elements

There is a fascinating history behind wallstone, especially in the CT area. Dating back to the glaciers, which provided us with this natural stone, CT is known nationally for our iconic stone walls. If you’re looking to make a statement or an iconic retaining wall or landscape border of your own, wallstone is the perfect way to achieve this while adding a bit of character.

Achieve a One-of-a-Kind Look

If you’re wanting to build a retaining wall that looks natural and blends in with the outdoor elements around it, wallstone has the qualities to create the wall of your dreams. Wallstone comes in a variety of colors and patterns and has a rough texture to it. You will also at times see moss or lichen that has naturally grown on the stone, giving it a rustic style and making it look like it’s been there for years. You even have the option to work with a mason to combine the color and cut of a natural wallstone to achieve a look no one else has. Whether you’re interested in building a tall retaining wall, something short, or one that’s completely unique, we can create one that works with your property.

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