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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Connecticut Stone's Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement:

At Connecticut Stone, we take our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously. Our team is dedicated to offering equal opportunities and does not discriminate against employees or applicants. We take great pride in our diverse workforce, represented by countries including Syria, Mexico, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and Romania. Likewise, we actively support women in the stone industry, with our very own Brie Pfannenbecker having been recognized with the 2021 Women in Stone Pioneer Award. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of what we do – and we keep our lines of communication open to foster mutual respect in all facets of our business.

Connecticut Stone’s Statement For Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development and goal achievement for all employees. At our core, we believe that everybody can reach their full potential with shared respect and understanding as we work towards a common goal.

With this in mind, Connecticut Stone celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion as key values.

Diversity: We believe our diverse worldviews and perspectives make us stronger as a team, and we take pride in having an ethnically diverse workforce. Connecticut Stone has a number of valued employees representing countries such as Syria, Ecuador, Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and more.

  • Age Diversity: At Connecticut Stone, we have many long-standing employees that have enjoyed different experiences and opportunities throughout their time at the company. We are also actively working with local trade schools, like Platt Tech and Bullard Havens, to introduce students looking for work experience and starting their careers and work journeys.
  • Educational Diversity: Our employees come from varying educational backgrounds, and we actively endorse continued education by providing flexible work schedules to support schooling needs. We also offer English and Spanish speaking training for any employee who wants to speak fluently. In addition, we encourage our project teams to participate in internships during our peak season to allow college students to learn about our business.
  • Religious Diversity: Our vast cultural and ethnic diversity also values diverse religious beliefs. We support this by ensuring dietary requirements are accommodated at company-sponsored events and are flexible to support any specific needs that may be requested.
  • Gender Diversity: We have gender-neutral bathrooms in our showroom and throughout our worksite to ensure our employees and customers feel comfortable.
  • Disability Diversity: We review and support specific requests for assistance as they arise, working together with employees to find the best solution.

Equity: Our business policies and practices are crafted with equity for all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultures in mind. We are an Equal Opportunity employer that does not discriminate against employees or applicants for any reason. We proactively work with IRIS Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, New Haven, and CIRI Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants to provide employment opportunities for individuals arriving in the United States.

Inclusion: We communicate in multiple languages throughout our office, including Spanish and Swahili. We share our backgrounds and stories through our Employee Newsletter to learn and expand our knowledge about different cultures. We also hire translators to ensure that our communications (newsletters, memos, training briefs, etc.) are accessible for our employees.

At Connecticut Stone, we understand that creating a better environment for future generations will require an ongoing effort on our part; that is a commitment we're not afraid to make. As our business grows and scales, we will continue to reflect on our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion — always seeking opportunities for improvement.