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Your Trusted Interior and Exterior Stone Supplier for 70+ Years

Welcome to Connecticut Stone, where we carry name brands like Quikrete to help you with your project needs. Quikrete has been a trusted and reliable brand in construction and home improvement. With a range of high-quality concrete mixes, masonry products, and tools, Quikrete has established itself as the brand to rely on for all your construction and building needs. Connecticut residents and contractors looking to purchase Quikrete products locally are in luck. At Connecticut Stone, we carry everything you need, from Quikrete and more, to start your DIY venture or construction project.

What Is Quikrete?

Quikrete is a leading manufacturer of pre-blended, superior-graded concrete products for various construction and repair projects. From simple concrete mixtures for basic construction tasks to specialized products for more complex ones, Quikrete has cemented its place as a trusted name in the industry and is available right here at Connecticut Stone.

By purchasing Quikrete products with us, you get the advantage of our knowledgeable staff, who can answer your questions and provide guidance on the best products for your project requirements.


Your Trusted Interior and Exterior Stone Supplier for 70+ Years

What Is Quikrete Used For?

Quikrete products are helpful for various construction and repair tasks. They are essential for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, offering durable and reliable solutions for various projects. One of the common uses of Quikrete is in concrete construction, where it provides the necessary strength and durability for slabs, walkways, driveways, and footings. The Quikrete line also includes mortars, useful for laying brick, block, and stone in load-bearing walls and other structures.

If you’re working on repair and maintenance tasks, Quikrete also has you covered with their stucco and repair products. These can help restore cracked or damaged surfaces to their original condition, maintaining their aesthetic and structural integrity. Additionally, Quikrete offers a range of waterproofing solutions to protect your structures from water damage and the outdoor elements.

Visit Connecticut Stone for a Wide Selection of Quikrete Mortar & Cement Products

When you need high-quality Quikrete products for your construction or home improvement project, Connecticut Stone is here to make it easier for you. As a leading Quikrete dealer in the state, our inventory covers a wide range of mortar and cement products for your needs.

At Connecticut Stone, you will find an extensive range of Quikrete products for sale. Whether you are a homeowner starting a DIY project or a contractor with a larger construction job, we have you covered – finding the right supplies has never been more convenient.

In addition to our selection of products, we pride ourselves on customer service and expertise. Our team of professionals is always available to help you find the right product or offer guidance on proper usage. This way, you can be confident that you are choosing the best solutions for your project.

Visit Connecticut Stone today to explore our range of Quikrete cement and mortar products, and let us help you make your dream project a reality.

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