Being in business for over 70 years has only been achieved through the dedication and support of our experienced staff partnering with architects, builders, designers and homeowners to transform lives through the exceptional use of building with stone.

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At our site in Milford we cut, shape and chisel stone to our customer’s order.  This is achieved using a combination of age-old craftsmen techniques couple with cutting edge machine technology.  Positions available in these departments are predominately Machine Operator roles or Material Handlers. 

The jobs involve a high amount of manual handling and repetitive motion.  Additionally this team is required to wear comprehensive personal protective equipment to protect them from the hazards associated with stone manufacturing.



We deliver product directly to our customers within the tri-state and New England areas, using our own team of drivers and trucks.  Our drivers are CDL qualified, professional customer service representatives and experienced in maneuvering large and heavy loads.

Project Management, Drafting and Estimating

We work closely with architects, builders, designers and homeowners to find the right stone to achieve their vision.  Our expertise in stone, from it’s composition to characteristics to limitations, is vital to the stone selection process.

We have a team focused on interior projects such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, staircases and fireplaces, and a team focused on exterior projects including cladding, veneer, paving and large scale building ventures. 

The roles supporting these teams include project managers, estimators, drafters and administrative personnel.


We have the state of the art tools onsite at Milford to create custom counter tops, fireplaces, slab showers and vanities to the precise finish and look our customers desire.

Our team includes sawyers, polishers and finishers who expertly cut, grind and polish the stone to enhance the raw beauty innate in natural stone.   


Our experienced team installs countertops and slab walls within the tri-state and New England area.

Showroom Sales

Our showroom in Milford and Stamford is open to the homeowner looking for advice on a project as well as contractors and masons picking up materials for their projects.

Support Services

Our support functions are based in Milford and include Accounting, Administration, Shipping & Receiving, Maintenance and Human Resources.

Ivan (Supervisor, 25 years)

I have worked at Connecticut Stone for 25 years this year and I love coming here every day.

I enjoy my work as I am treated good, with respect, and my Manager makes sure I have what I need to do my job.

You have to be prepared to work hard.  When I first started in the Guillotines, I was cutting and stacking pieces of stone that were almost the same size as me.  I proved my work and my commitment.  Now I am a Supervisor and I consider Connecticut Stone my second home.

Eric (Warehouse, 5 years)

My job is great exercise and keeps me active.  I enjoy being busy, there is always a lot do to.  It’s very hands on in the warehouse and I’m always moving around.

I like that my managers give me the space I need to do my job.  I know they are there if I need them but they also let me do my thing to get the job done.

Juan (Maintenance, 3 years)

My job is different every day.  I am never doing the same thing and there is always something to learn.

The work here is not complicated, it explains itself, and it’s not stressful.  You have to have energy to do a good job and be open to learning.  It’s a good place to get experience and opportunities.

Joann (Accounting, 6 years)

The main thing I love about my job is the people.  We work as a team which is important if I have a question or a problem with quantities or pricing.  I work closely with the shipping and receiving team and they are always very helpful and get back to me right away.

Communication is key to being successful at Connecticut Stone.  The managers are always open for ideas of how to improve a process.  If you have a problem or ideas then you must speak up.