ThinStone™ Installation Guidlines

ThinStone™ can be especially easy for a mason to install, especially when compared to traditional stone. But it's important to follow the below guidelines, recommendations, and steps to ensure a proper installation and beautiful final product.

General Surface Preparation Guidelines

Concrete Block or Brick
Providing the existing wall or structure is sound and without defect, paints, or sealers, ThinStone™ can be applied directly to any new or existing block or brick surface.

Framed Exterior Walls
Build exterior walls to local building codes. Follow stud size, sheathing, and substrate thickness requirements.

Water Proofing Procedures

Here are some general procedures to keep in mind when waterproofing areas prior to ThinStone™ installation.

Flashing and Moisture Control
Provide a rubber weather shield, flashing, or caulk at all material transition points and at any area that could lead to possible moisture penetration, including window and door openings, electrical outlets, and electrical or plumbing fixtures. Follow the manufacturer's specification for correct installation methods. Include a weep system behind exterior installations of ThinStone™.

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