The Art of Fluidity: How to Blend Stones and Patterns

Your client wants a natural stone structure to liven up their exterior setting, but they want it to be unique. They want it to be eye-catching, enviable, and to perfectly express their design aesthetic. In this situation, creating a blended stone design is ideal. By strategically pairing various colors and textures of natural stone and…

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Viewing Stone Before Purchase

Stone Terroir: The Importance of Viewing Material Before You Purchase It  

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if those thousand words include phrases like: “Wait, are you serious, that color looks nothing like the color in the picture.” Or, “No, it didn’t look like that on the company’s website. The stone didn’t have those quartz flecks, and the pink highlights were…

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Natural Stone Installation

Why a Mason Is an Integral Part of Natural Stone Installation

When it comes to the installation of any natural stone project, there are a lot of professionals involved. From the architect to the designer, and the stone supplier, many people contribute to a gorgeous finished result. However, out of all of the people involved in a natural stone installation, the mason has a very important and special…

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Motion Stone

There’s something about Motion stone that sounds inherently futuristic. Maybe images of Dubai’s famous skyscrapers come to mind, their towering curves and rotating balconies defying space and logic, inspired by the mythical Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Or perhaps you envision Oscar Niemeyer’s “Brasilia,” the 1960’s urban plan featuring shape-shifting modernist structures that seem transported from…

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CT Stone Maintenance Program

How to Clean Stone Counters Like a Professional

Natural stone is one of the most gorgeous options for countertops. With so many alluring colors, intriguing vein patterns, and unique types available, there is a natural stone that will provide the wow factor to any kitchen. However, since it is a natural, sometimes-porous substance, you need to be very careful with how you clean…

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Natural Stone Finishes

The Different Types of Natural Stone Finishes

Structural design aesthetics are important when creating any space. Everything from changing the mood, to coordinating themes and motifs and even including practicality are all reasons for using different types of stone finishes for an application. In this post, we’ll be providing an overview of the different types of stone finishes to choose from, their…

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Rockface Edge

Natural Stone Techniques: How to Get a Rockface Edge

One way to dress up your pool coping or give more texture to your home’s front entry is to utilize rockfacing on the edge of a piece of natural stone. After all, nothing compares to the beauty—and durability—of natural stone, and an aesthetically pleasing rockface is an ideal way to finish the edge. Therefore, adding…

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CT Stone Bathroom

The Advantages of Incorporating Marble into Your Design Projects

From the ancient Romans and Greeks in their design of the Colosseum and the Parthenon to today’s homes and businesses, marble has been utilized in architectural design to great benefit. Its characteristics make it advantageous to use in a wide variety of elements in terms of both functionality and aesthetic appeal. What Are the Characteristics…

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Talking Techniques: A Look at the Flaming Process

As an architect or designer, you probably already understand how important it is to have choices. Being able to give your clients options for their projects or having an array of building materials – choices are important to the craft. They also create room for innovation and for the introduction of new techniques to take…

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Splitting Stone: The Feather and Wedge Process

Here at Connecticut Stone, we love a new challenge whenever an interesting project comes around. Creating a large piece for a very unique space, manipulating a difficult stone medium to do what you need it to – the adventures in stone can be truly endless. Splitting stone is a labor of love itself. Sometimes there’s…

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Natural Stone Countertops

Natural Stone Countertops. Breaking Down Stone Age Misconceptions

A natural stone countertop is as unique as an original work of art. Every stone that’s quarried from the earth has its own color, veining, and speckles, and these characteristics can’t be recreated with man-made materials. Stone has depth of character and a sophisticated feel. It’s both a prepped canvas and a natural, one-of-kind design…

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Processes Behind the Stone

The Processes Behind the Stone: Making the Cut

As a building material, natural stone is difficult to surpass for durability, distinguished appearance, and strength. It comes in a variety of textures, appearances, colors, and sizes for all different applications. However, while some admire the look and texture of these products, what is often overlooked is the craftsmanship and stonecutting processes that go on…

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Trending Stone Selections for Exterior Fireplaces

Designers and architects are doing amazing things with exterior fireplaces. This spring and summer, fireplaces are much more than bricks and mortar; they are a way for your clients to bring their interior aesthetic preferences to the outdoors. When your client comes to you for an exterior fireplace, you now have an abundance of options…

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Bluestone is one of the most popular stone options in New England. It is inexpensive, simple to work with, and it is found locally. A variety of bluestone can be split into slabs and often contains remnants of quartz, feldspars, phyllosilicates, and other minerals, which are all indurated together to form the stone. Where Is Bluestone Quarried?  Bluestone is…

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White Quartz Countertops Complete a Multi-Step Kitchen Renovation

Ever since moving into her home years ago, this homeowner has been updating her kitchen step by step. The backsplash and cabinets were all upgraded to be a fresh and airy white color, and she knew it was time to complete her kitchen renovation with new countertops. While her kitchen looked nice and her countertops…

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Thassos Marble

When you picture a pure white, brilliant marble, you are probably picturing Thassos marble. Renowned for its magnificent white color and its limited availability, Thassos marble is a highly sought-after stone selection for high-end contemporary, modern, or transitional interior design projects. Where Is Thassos Marble Quarried? Thassos marble is named after the small Greek island…

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Soapstone 101: What You Need to Know About Soapstone

Soapstone, also known as steatite, is a quarried stone that is softer to the touch, yet extremely pliable and non-porous. It can be used in a variety of ways in both interior and exterior spaces, and it was famously used to create the “Christ the Redeemer” statue located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here is…

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The Many Uses of Granite: From Common to Extraordinary

Granite is one of the most popular stone options in commercial and residential designs. It offers incredible durability and a rich array of colors, patterns, and finishes, so it can make any space look amazing. Additionally, granite is extremely versatile. It can be used in everything from granite countertops to granite pavers. Here is a…

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Partner Spotlight: George Pusser With Cornerstone Contracting

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down to speak with George Pusser, owner and president of Cornerstone Contracting. This particular business specializes in the building of luxury custom homes, working directly with architects and designers to provide optimal craftsmanship at competitive prices. For more than 25 years, Cornerstone Contracting has been serving the local community…

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Product Spotlight: Thin Porcelain Panels From Connecticut Stone

When you wish to achieve a one-of-a-kind, elegant look in any interior space, thin porcelain panels are an excellent option. Specifically, thin porcelain tiles from Connecticut Stone, such as those shown here from Neolith, provide the versatility and easy installation needed to achieve just about any look, anywhere. Available in a wide range of colors,…

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Upcoming Trends in Countertop Design

These days, quality countertops are more important than ever in kitchen design. Homeowners want premium materials and stylish designs that bring both elegance and practicality into their kitchen spaces. As a result of these demands, kitchen designers and builders are now tasked with staying on top of ever-changing trends in countertop design in order to…

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5 Barefoot-Friendly Patio Stone Options in Connecticut

Few details can transform the look of an outdoor living space as well as a good quality, gorgeous stone. Whether it is surrounding a pool, providing a platform for a fire pit, or serving as the foundation for a pergola, the natural beauty of stone always steals the show. When you are creating an outdoor…

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Man-Made Quartz or Quartzite: Which One Is the Best for Your Client?

Quartz and quartzite are two of the most popular stones for kitchen countertops. The stones are stunning, durable, and versatile, and they are ideal for a wide variety of uses. However, they are not created equal. Quartzite is a natural stone product that is mined from the earth’s crust and sold in slabs. Man-made quartz,…

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stone pool deck

Step Outside with Stone

Today’s new homeowner trend is looking to expand their outdoor living space to create a more open area for guests to gather. Pools and spa areas have increased in popularity to incorporate areas for relaxation and entertainment. However, weather can sometimes pose a threat to maintain your glorious outdoor living space. Fortunately at Connecticut Stone,…

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2014 Tucker Design Awards

Building Stone Institute Presents the 2014 Tucker Design Awards

Building Stone Institute, one of the country’s longest serving natural stone trade associations, proudly presents the 2014 Tucker Design Awards. Established in 1977, the Tucker Design Awards honor those who achieve a criteria of excellence in the use of natural stone through concept, design and construction. The award is a prestigious biennial architectural design recognition valued by both the building…

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Connecticut Stone Fireplace Featured in Connecticut Builder Magazine

Connecticut Stone was recently featured in Connecticut Builder’s Summer 2014 issue! Connecticut Builder is a popular industry publication put out by the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Connecticut. We are thrilled to be included in their cover story Inside Out, about how today’s builders are bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out. The launch of…

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granite kitchen counter

A Home in Time for the Holidays

This fall, Connecticut Stone, in partnership with Building Homes for Heroes, teamed up to build a home for a disabled veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Sergeant Greg Caron was serving in the Marine Corps when an IED exploded – he lost both of his legs, and his right arm was severely wounded. Caron’s medical…

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private residence outdoor fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace – Private Residence

A young couple collaborate with talented mason, Mike Nusdeo of Ridgeview Designs to create a unique fireplace that will surely keep their guests talking. The project started when the homeowner was inspired by two huge raw pieces of stone spotted in our Milford Stone Yard. One of the pieces resembles an African mask and the…

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outdoor stone patio and home

Showroom wins 2012 Home Builders and Remodelers Association HOBI award

In 2011, Connecticut Stone had the opportunity to expand its market and open its second showroom at The Galleria Design Center located at 234 Middle Street in Middletown CT. This gave Vice President of National Interior Sales, Tyra Dellacroce, and her design team a chance to create an “Inspirational” showroom where customers can mill around…

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The Building Stone Institute Tucker Design Awards, Cornell University

Connecticut Stone won a Tucker Design Award for our part in the Bailey Plaza project at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. This project transformed a one-acre parking lot into a modern thoroughfare combining practicality with design. Our very own Lance Dellacroce was the Project Manager on this high-profile project, and Connecticut Stone was one…

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elegant custom fireplace

MIA Pinnacle Award of Merit Private Residence

Our National Project Group Division has the honor of working with the most talented architects and designers in the industry. On this Award Winning project Architect Vern Swaback of Swaback Partners and the designers from Studio V  created a home that was and art piece. We were ecstatic to be a part of such a…

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Stone house

The Building Stone Institute – Tucker Design Award – Private Residence

Connecticut Stone also won a Tucker Design Award for our work on the Private Residence in Glencoe, Illinois. We supplied materials for this innovative home based on English Arts and Crafts architecture and relying heavily on natural stone décor and landscaping. An excerpt from the jury comments: “The craftsmanship is outstanding. It appears as if…

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