Neolith Sintered Stone
Benefits, Applications, and Maintenance

Your Trusted Interior and Exterior Stone Supplier for 70+ Years

Sintered stone has become a popular material for both interior and exterior applications. Available in a wide range of designs, sintered stone is a matrix of minerals heated to form a solid surface that's highly durable and versatile. This manufactured stone, made from the base of natural stone, can be transformed into a beautiful surface that's practical for many applications ranging from kitchen countertops and fireplace facings to exterior countertops and more.

When it comes to trusted sintered stone brands, Neolith is an industry leader. Delivering a revolutionary architectural surface with premium technical features, Neolith sintered stone is a beautiful choice for many projects.

More About Neolith Sintered Stone

Neolith is the world's leading brand in sintered stone, creating slabs that cannot be etched, scratched, burned, or stained. The Neolith brand, which was launched in 2009, prides itself in its commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology while working with only the highest quality materials. Neolith's dedication to innovation and sustainability sets it apart from many other sintered stone brands. In fact, Neolith follows the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in their own operations, working to create a better planet for future generations.


Your Trusted Interior and Exterior Stone Supplier for 70+ Years

Benefits of Neolith Sintered Stone

When you choose Neolith sintered stone for an interior or exterior project, you (and your clients) will enjoy knowing that this stone is made of 100% natural materials (including 90% recycled materials) with zero emissions. Neolith's sintered stone is also made from 100% renewable energy, and 100% of the water used during manufacturing is recycled. In addition, sintered stone from Neolith is carbon neutral and is hygienic, hypoallergenic, and bacteria-proof.

From a practical standpoint, Neolith sintered stone is also extremely durable and designed to stand up to the test of time. It's resistant to extremely high temperatures without scorching or burning and cannot be easily etched or scratched. It's easy to clean and comes with a 25-year warranty on all slabs with thicknesses 6, 12, and 20mm.

Uses and Applications

There are many ways to use Neolith sintered stone in interior and exterior projects. One of the most popular applications for this sintered stone is kitchen countertops. Neolith kitchen countertops offer the unrivaled beauty and durability needed in a busy kitchen by being scratch-resistant, etch-proof, and unaffected by high temperatures.

Clients also love Neolith sintered stone for bathroom countertops, floors, shower walls, fireplace facings, exterior kitchens, and more. It can even be used as pool cladding because of its low porosity and chemical resistance, ensuring lasting durability while recreating the stunning beauty of real stone.

Care and Maintenance

One of the things clients tend to love most about Neolith sintered stone is that it's easy to maintain. Typically, wiping it down regularly with a wet cloth is all that's needed to keep this product looking its best. And while sintered stone is resistant to stains, when stains do occur, they can usually be removed with the correct cleaning agent or detergent. Even aggressive cleaning agents (such as oven cleaners) do not damage Neolith's sintered stone, and most stains can be removed using warm water, detergent, and a microfiber cloth.

Explore Neolith Stone Collections

You can explore our Neolith product collection online or visit our showroom to see them in person. A few popular selections include:

Neolith's sintered stone comes in slabs, which our Connecticut Stone team can fabricate into custom countertops or other products based on your client's needs and specifications. With more than 70 years of experience, Connecticut Stone's team of experts has the knowledge and resources needed to turn Neolith slabs into anything you need for your project to deliver incredible results. Throughout the process, working with our professionals means that you'll always have somebody available to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have.

To learn more about what Connecticut Stone can do for your Neolith sintered stone project, reach out to our team today. We'd be happy to schedule a complimentary design consultation to help you get started!

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