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How Professionals Use Natural Stone to Personalize a Clients Space

At Connecticut Stone, we’ve always taken a lot of pride in the personalized level of service and expertise we offer…

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Celebrating Exterior Stone: An Architect’s Perspective

Working with any type of natural stone presents some unique challenges; this remains true with interior and exterior stone products…

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Planning to Build an Outdoor Fireplace with A Pizza Oven Out of Natural Stone? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Has a client recently reached out to you for help with an outdoor fireplace or kitchen project? If so, and if…

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How to Avoid Fireplace Failures

Inside any fireplace is a firebox—the location where the actual fire blazes. A firebox must be able to withstand high…

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Custom Natural Stone Blending for Interior Design

Today’s residential stone clients are looking to truly differentiate their living spaces and make them a reflection of their unique…

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Choosing Stone Veneer for an Outdoor BBQ or Island

Today’s homeowners’ value outdoor entertaining and living spaces now more than ever before—and this is reflected in the increasing popularity…

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The Art of Fluidity: How to Blend Stones and Patterns

Your client wants a natural stone structure to liven up their exterior setting, but they want it to be unique….

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Natural Stone Installation

Why a Mason Is an Integral Part of Natural Stone Installation

When it comes to the installation of any natural stone project, there are a lot of professionals involved. From the…

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Natural Stone Finishes

The Different Types of Natural Stone Finishes

Structural design aesthetics are important when creating any space. Everything from changing the mood, to coordinating themes and motifs and…

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Splitting Stone: The Feather and Wedge Process

Here at Connecticut Stone, we love a new challenge whenever an interesting project comes around. Creating a large piece for…

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Processes Behind the Stone

The Processes Behind the Stone: Making the Cut

As a building material, natural stone is difficult to surpass for durability, distinguished appearance, and strength. It comes in a…

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Connecticut Stone Fireplace Featured in Connecticut Builder Magazine

Connecticut Stone was recently featured in Connecticut Builder’s Summer 2014 issue! Connecticut Builder is a popular industry publication put out…

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