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Custom Natural Stone Blending for Interior Design

Today’s residential stone clients are looking to truly differentiate their living spaces and make them a reflection of their unique style and personality. As you can see in the gorgeous conservatory highlighted in our video, the right combination of stone can create an amazing focal point that catches your eye as soon as you walk into the room. As effortless as the conservatory design may appear, a lot of thoughtful work went into its creation.

Blending Stone for a Beautiful Result

What truly makes this fireplace stand out is that its mason, Michael Cobuzzi, utilized the art of stone blending to create a truly custom look and feel. Right now, monochromatic palettes (using different grey tones) are especially popular in residential interior design. However, the client wanted something a little warmer to avoid a cold or off-putting look in their conservatory.

The end result was a mixture of three different stones, as well as two different patterns. One of the three stones used was Liberty Hill™ which was combined with two warmer toned stones to create a welcoming look and feel. Meanwhile, a combination of square and rectangular shapes and cut-strip veneers are used to customize the fireplace further. This is just one example of how stone blending can be used to give your client exactly what he or she is looking for while creating an amazing and unique texture.

Other Considerations for Interior Stone

In addition to blending, you can see that there are many different ways stone is used in this beautiful conservatory to create a one-of-a-kind look that the client adores. On the fireplace, for example, the mason crafted a custom stone for the vent rather than using a traditional metal piece. The purpose of this is to allow for proper ventilation, as is required on any gas fireplace. By custom cutting the stone, the fireplace retains a more uniform look; these small details make all the difference when it comes to making this custom fireplace the focal point of a beautiful space.

Aside from the eye-catching fireplace, the conservatory floors are also stunning. These particular floors are made of an antique limestone from Belgium called Belgium Bluestone. This unique sedimentary stone forms at the basin of the sea, so when you look closely, you can see shells and fossils of marine life inside the stone itself. For the floors, the edges were chipped and cobbled to create a more rustic look—as though the stone was reclaimed from the streets of Belgium. These gorgeous floors, combined with the homeowner’s wonderful taste, have created a warm and inviting space that is one-of-a-kind.

How Connecticut Stone Can Help

When tackling a custom stone job like the one in this conservatory, having access to all the quality stone materials you need is key to delivering an incredible final project. At Connecticut Stone, our stone yard and showroom offer the huge selection of different stone materials you need to wow your client and create beautiful custom spaces. To find out more about blended stone projects or any of our stone offerings, reach out to our knowledgeable team today! We also invite you to visit our showroom or stone yard location to see first-hand the materials we have to offer.

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