How Professionals Use Natural Stone to Personalize a Clients Space

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At Connecticut Stone, we’ve always taken a lot of pride in the personalized level of service and expertise we offer to our clients. In fact, nothing humbles us more than getting to work one-on-one with a client and help turn their design dreams into a reality. One of our favorite examples of helping clients use natural stone to personalize their living spaces is in this beautiful outdoor fireplace design, which is unique and customized from the ground up.

A Little Background

For this project, our team at Connecticut Stone was approached by a young, recently married couple that had returned from a South African honeymoon. Still reeling in the excitement and adventure of their trip, this couple wanted our help in creating an exterior fireplace that would encapsulate their experiences, remind them of their honeymoon, and stand as a personalized family relic for years to come.

We invited the couple to walk through our stone yard and take a look at some beautiful natural stone samples for themselves. As they explored our expansive stone yard, they came across several boulders and other pieces that brought back memories of their South African honeymoon.

The Finished Product

The completed outdoor fireplace is a perfect example of how our knowledgeable stone experts are here to help personalize clients’ living spaces every day. As you gaze upon this stunning stone fireplace, you may first notice the fusion of CT Split Fieldstone (which is indigenous to the area) and Byram Black™ Granite.

On the left side of the fireplace, you’ll also notice a large piece of stone that was hand-picked by the couple because it resembled a traditional African mask. This piece of stone was then used to create the cheek of the firebox itself. The couple then chose two complementary boulders to make up the other sides of the firebox cheek for a complete look.

Another portion that was hand-picked by the couple can be found ascending the left side of the fireplace. This smooth yet nuanced piece evoked the couple’s memories of seeing great white sharks on their honeymoon, so they chose to incorporate it as an artistic and eye-catching feature on their fireplace.

You’ll also notice that large slabs of stone were chosen to create natural and organic seating around the fireplace, while cushions have been added for additional comfort and support.

Perhaps the couple’s favorite customized aspect of their new stone fireplace is the stone “bookshelf” that adorns the top. This couple worked with a mason to create a “shelf” of their favorite books and movies — with some “books” reserved for personalized details, like the year they were married and the schools they attended. You may also notice that there are quite a few blank books remaining, representing future memories to be made as a family.

A Functional Work of Art

We’re so honored to have worked alongside this couple to help create not just a functional outdoor fireplace, but a true work of art and conversation piece. We love the way this couple has used our natural stone as an artistic expression of their relationship, and we hope they’ll be able to enjoy this piece alongside their family members for the rest of their lives.

At Connecticut Stone, we’re always eager to help our clients find unique and personalized ways to use our natural stone products. If you have a project in mind and could use a little industry expertise, we’re ready to put our 70+ years of experience to work for you. Contact us today to schedule a showroom appointment or to talk more about what you have in mind.

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