Cristallo Quartzite

Cristallo Quartzite
Cristallo Quartzite is a beautiful natural stone known for its sparkling, crystalline aesthetic. This quartzite typically displays a base color ranging from rich creamy white to a delicate smoky white, intertwined with strands and swirls of grey and occasionally silver throughout. The stone has a distinctive translucency, allowing it to radiate and sparkle, particularly when backlit. Similar to granite, it’s a robust stone, making it a prime selection for countertops and backsplashes in both kitchens and bathrooms. The luminous and elegant appearance of Cristallo Quartzite can elevate the aesthetic of any space, blending functionality with unparalleled style.

Why Choose Cristallo Quartzite?

Cristallo quartzite is a beautiful design option for interior spaces for several reasons:

  • Its Appearance Is Alluring – The gray and golden hues often seen in white Cristallo quartzite are mesmerizing and will define any space as one of style. With its natural patterns and unique colors, Cristallo quartzite brings the look of luxury to countertops and larger surfaces. Every piece is unique, so make sure to either ask for pictures or stop in to see the lot in stock, that way you can pick out the exact stone you want featured in your home.
  • Its Durability Is Unmatched – As a pure, natural quartzite, Cristallo is strong and sure to last in your home for years to come. Providing stain and scratch resistance, this quartzite is as durable as it is beautiful.

We are proud to carry a wide array of Cristallo quartzite for all of your design needs. But please note that since Cristallo stone is natural, its appearance, grain, and color will vary. Ideally, you should stop by our Milford, Connecticut, showroom so you can see the rich hues of our current Cristallo stone inventory first hand, but at the very least, please make sure to request current photos of the stones we have available.

Credits: Everest

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