How to Keep Bluestone Patios Clean Year-Round

Whether you’ve recently installed a bluestone patio for a client or are considering this beautiful, natural stone for a hardscaping project, knowing how to properly care for it is key to its longevity. While bluestone is naturally resilient (especially in the harsh Northeastern climate), it does require some basic cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best for years to come.

So, how do you properly clean a bluestone patio — and what else will your clients need to know about general bluestone maintenance? Let’s dive in!

What They Will Need

Aside from regular sweeping of debris away from a bluestone patio, this material will only need to be deep cleaned occasionally. The frequency with which it must be thoroughly cleaned will depend on many factors, including the foot traffic it sees.

When it’s time to do a deeper clean of their bluestone patio, recommending to your client to have some essential tools and equipment on hand will make it much easier. These tools include:

  • Protective equipment, including goggles and close-toed shoes
  • A pressure washer
  • Liquid stone cleaner
  • A soft scrub brush with an extension pole

How to Clean Bluestone Patios

Once all the tools to clean a bluestone patio are on hand, it’s important to let your clients know they must wear any protective gear needed to get started.

The first thing to do is use the scrub brush or a leaf blower to remove any loose debris (such as leaves and grass clippings) from the patio. From there, they’ll want to look for any weeds that may have begun growing through the joints between the pavers. If there are any weeds, they should take the time to pull them before moving on to the next step.

Then, using a garden hose or pressure washer, wet the patio before applying the stone cleaner to the entire surface area. It’s important to read the instructions on the stone cleaner bottle carefully, as it will likely need to be diluted with water in a bucket before applying.

Once the cleaner is applied to the patio, they will want to use the soft scrub brush to work in small sections and scrub the cleaner into the surface. This will help to break up stains and discoloration. Advise them to follow the instructions on the stone cleaner bottle to determine how long the cleaner should sit on the patio.

The next step is to use the pressure washer to spray away the cleaner and any residual dirt and grime. During this process, ensure that they have the pressure washer set to the appropriate PSI and work in small sections.

What if they’re wondering how to remove stains from bluestone when power washing alone isn’t cutting it? A second application of stone cleaner may be needed in these problem areas.

Once the entire surface of the bluestone patio has been cleaned and in good condition, simply allow it to air dry and enjoy the pristine-looking patio! If pressure washing removes some of the original sand from the paver joints, adding additional polymeric sand as a finishing touch may be needed. They can do this by pouring the sand directly onto the joints and using a broom or leaf blower to clear any excess.

After adding the polymeric sand, use a hose to saturate the sand with water. This will allow the sand to harden, setting it into place.

General Bluestone Care and Maintenance

In addition to the occasional deep cleaning of a bluestone patio, there are a few other steps to recommend to keep it looking its best while protecting it from damage.

It’s essential to inform clients that sealing bluestone is not typically recommended. In line with best practices, leaving the stone in its natural state is preferable. Sealing bluestone can sometimes trap moisture within the stone, which might lead to potential damage or failures over time. Advising clients on the importance of maintaining bluestone in its natural form will help ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the patio while avoiding any issues associated with sealing. As always, following proper maintenance guidelines specific to natural stone is crucial to preserve its beauty and durability.

Even with a proper seal on a bluestone patio, routine sweeping is recommended — as is cleaning up any spills that may occur as soon as they happen. A glass of wine or an acidic citrus juice spilled on bluestone can cause damage and staining, so it’s essential to be proactive when accidents occur.

Shop Bluestone Pavers and More

When properly cleaned and maintained, a bluestone patio can last for decades while retaining its original beauty and appeal. With regular sweeping and diligent mopping of spills, as well as the occasional pressure washing, keeping a bluestone patio looking like new for years to come is relatively simple.

Interested in learning more about bluestone pavers for your next project? Connecticut Stone has you covered. We also offer a variety of stone cleaning products and sealers to make caring for stone as simple as possible.

As always, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about products, materials, or maintenance!

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