What is Neolith Stone? What You Need To Know

Looking for a beautiful stone option for your next interior or exterior project? If so, and if your client wants something truly unique, Neolith sintered stone is a great option to explore. Commonly used in countertops, fireplace facings, slab shower walls, and more, Neolith stone offers the premium look and feel that your clients desire while remaining easy to clean and care for.

Whether you’re new to working with Neolith stone or have never heard of it, we’re covering everything you need to know about this popular option.

What is Neolith Stone?

Neolith is a brand of sintered stone that is made from natural crushed stone. It’s created using an intensive heating process that bonds elements together to form an extremely durable, versatile, and unique surface. While there are several sintered stone options on the market, the Neolith brand has made a name for itself since its founding in 2007.

What sets Neolith stone apart from other sintered stone options on the market? For starters, Neolith prides itself on using the most cutting-edge technology and innovations to create products from only the highest-quality materials. Neolith is also committed to following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their everyday operations, providing an environmentally friendly sintered stone option for interior and exterior applications.

Where Can Neolith Stone Be Used?

One of the most compelling aspects of Neolith sintered stone is that it can be used in a wide array of interior and exterior applications. When it comes to interior projects, it’s a popular option for kitchen countertops and fireplace facings due to its high durability, heat resistance, and resistance to etching or staining. It’s also commonly used as flooring, especially in areas of high foot traffic. Not only is this a beautiful flooring option, but it’s easy to clean as needed. In addition, we commonly see Neolith sintered stone used for shower walls because of its low porosity and stunning appearance.

For exterior projects, the potential applications for Neolith sintered stone are only limited by the imagination. We regularly see Neolith sintered stone used in outdoor kitchens as a durable countertop option that can withstand high temperatures. Plus, Neolith stone is suitable for pool cladding due to its low porosity and natural chemical resistance. As a result, many homeowners choose it as a long-lasting pool cladding option that rivals the beauty of any natural stone.

Benefits of Neolith Stone

If your client is considering sintered stone for their next project, there are many reasons to steer them towards the Neolith brand. For starters, it is made of 100% natural ingredients, including 90% recycled materials. The manufacturing process also results in zero emissions because the stone itself is made from 100% renewable energy — and Neolith recycles 100% of all water used in manufacturing. Neolith is also carbon neutral, hypoallergenic, and hygienic because it resists bacteria, making it excellent for kitchens, bathrooms, pool decks, and just about anywhere else you could imagine.

When compared to other sintered stone brands, Neolith is known for standing behind their product. For example, did you know that nearly all Neolith stone sold after March 1, 2019, comes with a 25-year warranty? This makes it a great go-to for clients who want to invest in quality materials that will stand up to the test of time.

How to Care for Neolith Stone

Aside from its beauty, durability, and versatility, your clients will also love how easy it is to care for Neolith sintered stone. A quick wipe-down with a wet cloth is all that’s needed for daily cleaning. If staining does occur or deeper cleaning is required, cleaning agents and detergents do an excellent job. Even harsh cleaners are no match for this sintered stone, though most staining can be easily removed with a little warm water and detergent.

Choosing Neolith Stone for Your Next Project

Neolith sintered stone is available in a variety of styles to suit your client’s needs. Whether your client is going for a more sleek and modern look or prefers something a little more traditional, you can find a Neolith stone collection that they’ll love.

At Connecticut Stone, we have the experience and resources required to work with Neolith sintered stone slabs. Once ordered, we can fabricate these slabs into custom countertops or other products needed for your project. Ready to start designing? Reach out to our knowledgeable team today. We’d be happy to set up a free project consultation to discuss your clients’ needs and help you determine whether Neolith sintered stone may be the right choice.

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