What You Need to Know About the Trough Sink Trend

In recent years, trough sinks have become increasingly popular in both residential and commercial bathroom designs. Today, they are a top choice among residential clients looking to achieve a high-end and luxurious appearance in their master bathroom, guest bathroom, or even a powder room. Natural stone, engineered quartz, porcelain slabs, and a variety of other materials are excellent choices when creating a trough sink – and by offering trough sinks as an option to your clients, you can meet the high demand for this modern design. 

What Are Trough Sinks?

Specifically, a trough sink design refers to one where the sink itself is made of the same material as the countertop or bathroom vanity. As a result, it appears that the sink and vanity are cut from the same piece of stone. This seamless appearance can be achieved through a precise design and fabrication process. 

In order to achieve this look, a subframe is built by gluing pieces of the same material together. Depending on the type of stone used for the sink, the subframe can be made out of a variety of materials. Then, a process called mitering is used. This means two slabs are seamlessly joined together by laminating the edges, creating the appearance that it’s a single block of stone.  

Trough sinks can be made out of natural stone or engineered stone. Some of the more popular stone options for trough sinks include: 

  • Quartz 
  • Marble 
  • Porcelain 

There are many benefits of choosing a trough sink design, including the ability to optimize space (particularly in a small bathroom) and easy maintenance. Trough sinks also tend to be deeper than traditional sinks, so there is less concern over splatters and splashes making a mess on the countertop. 

Trough sinks can also be easily customized to any size to create a stunning appearance in any type of bathroom. Other sink types are limited when it comes to size, but trough sinks can be custom-made based on a particular use case. For example, if a handicap area is required for a commercial project, you can make the sink deeper and wider to accommodate that. Or, if the sink will be going in a children’s bathroom, it can be adjusted to the exact height necessary for them to reach with ease. 

How Material May Affect Design

When choosing a material to use in a trough sink design, there are some important factors to take into consideration. One of the most important details to think about is how the chosen material could affect the drain options available for the sink itself. With natural stone materials, such as marble, it is possible to cut a hole and install a traditional pop-up drain. However, with man-made stone options (such as engineered quartz), milling or pitching the stone to the drain will void the manufacturer’s warranty; as a result, a slot drain is typically the best option. 

Other Things to Consider

The unique design of a trough sink also makes it possible to install more than one faucet without necessarily having to install more than one sink in the process. This makes longer trough sinks a great option in master bathrooms for client’s who may prefer more than one sink. In these cases, two separate faucets can easily be installed over the same trough sink to provide two separate areas for the homeowners to get ready – but both faucets will drain into the same sink. Additional drains can be installed as needed as well. 

There are many different design options available when it comes to trough sinksUndermount, drop-in, and apron trough sinks are all popular choicesparticularly in residential applications. 

How Connecticut Stone Can Help

At Connecticut Stone, we offer the quality stone your clients desire for their residential and commercial trough sink projects. We have a great deal of experience in working with suppliers on larger stone projects. In fact, we’re currently working on a large project for the Harbor Yard Amphitheatre in Bridgeport, CT, where we will be fabricating approximately 40 trough sinks out of porcelain slabs. These are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective for the client and will achieve a classic and luxurious look at the same time. 

Overall, trough sinks are an excellent offering for both residential and commercial clients alike – and stone is by far the best material out of which to make a trough sink. Find out more about how Connecticut Stone can help with your trough sink fabrication needs by contacting our experienced teamtoday! 

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