Four Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen provides a great space to entertain and relax. However, times change, and so do exterior entertaining trends. So, if your clients’ outdoor kitchen space is looking and feeling a little dated, it’s time to help them reclaim the enjoyment of their outdoor space. By offering some of these great outdoor kitchen updates, you can add beauty and value that both your client and their guests can enjoy all summer long.

Upgrade Your Barbecue or Island

Many outdoor kitchens have built-in barbecue grills and free-standing islands for easy and convenient prep space. If a grill area or island is looking outdated, a total replacement may not be necessary. Instead, consider upgrading these existing spaces by adding a gorgeous stone veneer, such as ThinStone™. This lightweight stone veneer makes it easy to install 100% natural stone without adding bulk, and at a more affordable price.

ThinStone™ is available in more than 80 style options to suit your needs, so your client can choose the one that will best transform their outdoor kitchen. And remember, ThinStone™ doesn’t just mimic the look of real stone; it is real stone!

Add an Outdoor Fireplace or Pizza Oven

Outdoor fireplaces are becoming a popular option among those wanting an outdoor kitchen update. But, if your client is thinking about installing an outdoor fireplace, why not take their outdoor kitchen transformation to the next level with a fireplace that can double as a working pizza oven? Your clients will be able to fire up a delicious pizza to wow their guests—then create a beautiful ambiance for entertaining with a wood-burning fireplace in the comfort and convenience of their backyard.

Install Exterior Dekton Flooring

Another way to transform outdoor kitchen spaces is to update the flooring. If an outdoor kitchen is currently outfitted with a basic concrete slab, you might recommend having some beautiful flooring installed to make the space feel more inviting. Specifically, Dekton has become a popular option for use in all kinds of outdoor kitchen ideas—including flooring.

This beautiful blend of raw materials comes in a wide range of styles and colors—and its durability can’t be beaten. It’s resistant to surface damage as well as UV rays, so its color won’t fade over time. It can also withstand temperature extremes and is resistant to damage during the freeze/thaw cycle here in the Northeastern United States. Meanwhile, its finish is gentle enough to walk on while not creating a slipping hazard—and because of its UV resistance, it’s friendly for bare feet as well.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Countertops

Another outdoor kitchen idea to consider is simply replacing dated countertops with sleek, modern ones. When choosing an outdoor countertop material, durability is vital. Granite and many natural quartzites are suitable options for an outdoor kitchen space due to their scratch resistance and ability to withstand temperature extremes. These options are also low-maintenance and come in a wide range of styles to suit the look your client is trying to achieve.

These are just a few outdoor kitchen ideas to consider for those looking to revamp and reclaim their outdoor living space. When it comes to outdoor kitchen designs and materials, Connecticut Stone has the expertise and quality products needed to get the job done. Contact us today to find out more about our product offerings or plan a visit to our showroom or stone yard.

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