ThinStone™ & Liberty Hill Granite: A Winning Outdoor Kitchen Combo

Connecticut Stone recently had the pleasure of working with skilled architect Robert Berger of RMB Designs to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen and entertaining space. Specifically, this space features a large prep area, a grill, and a sink for use throughout most of the year. We were proud to provide the natural stone materials for this project that suited the client’s needs and lifestyle. Our beautiful Liberty Hill ThinStone™ veneer was used around the outdoor kitchen as well as the home’s chimney, while Liberty Hill polished granite was chosen for the kitchen’s countertops. The end result is a gorgeous, functional, and durable outdoor kitchen that’s excellent for entertaining.

ThinStone™ For Low-Maintenance Beauty

For this project, the kitchen itself was built out of a concrete block. From there, the block was faced with our innovative ThinStone™ material, which is made of 100% natural quarried stone that is cut thin for easy installation. The use of Liberty Hill ThinStone™ for this project also made it easy to include built-in storage, which has certainly come in handy for the clients.

For the kitchen countertops, two-inch polished Liberty Hill granite was selected for its long-lasting durability and low maintenance. One of the countertops was oversized to provide an overhang, where barstools could be added for convenient seating. On the other side of the kitchen, Liberty Hill granite delivers the stain-resistant qualities needed around the outdoor sink, which is frequently used by the clients for soil-potting and outdoor gardening. By having a stain-resistant material here, the clients don’t have to worry about staining or discoloration from potting soil or other liquids.

A combination of Liberty Hill ThinStone™ and Liberty Hill granite slabs were also used to clad the chimney of this beautiful home, which is situated on an exterior wall that is shared with the outdoor kitchen. To create a cohesive look, and to lower the visual impact of the chimney’s height, architect Robert Berger had an excellent idea of using Liberty Hill square-cut ThinStone™ along the majority of the chimney’s structure and slabs of lighter-colored Liberty Hill along the top.

A Solution for Every Client

Natural stone is an excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen and chimney cladding; not only is it durable enough to withstand the elements (even here in New England’s harsh climate), but its beauty is unrivaled. Liberty Hill ThinStone™ is really the star of the show in this outdoor kitchen design, delivering the serene look the client desired with plenty of functionality to boot.

If you’re looking for a versatile product to use for your next outdoor kitchen design, we highly recommend ThinStone™. This product is made from 100% natural stone and comes in more than 80 different colors and patterns to suit your clients’ preferences. It is also extremely easy to install due to its light weight and can help take your design to the next level with its versatility.

To find out more about this project or to learn more about how we can help with your next design, contact our knowledgeable team today!

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