Partner Spotlight: Sit-Down with Dan Divitto of DPD Builders, Ltd.

During our recent sit-down with Daniel P. Divitto, the founder and president of DPD Builders, Ltd., we were privileged to gain some insight into this flourishing high-end building company. Located in Bedford Hills, New York, DPD Builders, Ltd. has been helping residents make their dream homes a reality for more than 30 years.

Their exquisite attention to detail and exclusive partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers has earned them an impeccable reputation. As such, all of their business is obtained via word-of-mouth, and the majority of their projects are completed within 15 minutes of their office. Specializing in all styles of high-end restorations, additions, and new custom homes, DPD Builders, Ltd. works with homeowners to bring their visions to life.

Recent Award-Winning Projects Completed by DPD Builders, Ltd.

DPD Builders, Ltd. takes great pride in every project they complete, which is evident in their finished results. Divitto states that he always seeks the finest, most exclusive stones he can find for his projects to ensure his clients’ spaces meet their vision and provide the exquisite appearance they desire. He will often work on projects that require meticulous matching of stones to ensure the application is flawless, and his skill and vision has resulted in numerous award-winning projects. We’ve been lucky enough to work with DPD Builders, Ltd. on several projects. Here’s a brief look at 4 of the most recent (and some of our personal favorites) we’ve tackled together.

  • Georgian Chappaqua– This new-home build took two years to complete. The owners wanted a construction that flawlessly emulated a 1920s estate they had seen. DPD Builders, Ltd.  was able to locate stones in a similar type and color to enable their vision, and each chosen stone was hand cut and chiseled to perfectly replicate the look the owners desired.
  • Pound Ridge Modern – In this new-home build, DPD Builders, Ltd. performed complex stone work on both the interior and exterior of the home. This project was especially successful, as it was selected to win the National AIA Award for Winning Stone and Masonry Work, Inside and Out. The esteemed masterpiece has become a staple in the town amongst modern historic homes.
  • Pound Ridge Modern Bathroom – This complex project required book-matched stone slabs that were imported from Europe. The stones were meticulously selected and sequenced and installed with precision to create this one-of-a-kind lavish bathroom. As one of the most intense projects Divitto has completed in his 30 years in business, it was fitting that the project received the 2016 HOBI Award for Most Outstanding Bath.
  • Nantucket Style – This project was the tale of two kitchens becauseeveryone always gravitates to them! For the kitchen, or second kitchen creation, DPD Builders, Ltd. aimed to mimic a European-style prep area using a combination of handmade imported subway tile and an Italian Carrara slab island. For the kitchen, the Calacatta stone used for the countertops and backsplashes was carefully hand selected, and the veining was vigilantly aligned for an elegant finish. This project earned the 2015 HOBI Award.

Alongside his expert team at DPD Builders, Ltd., the projects that Daniel Divitto completes are true works of art. His passion for bringing his client’s dreams to life is apparent in everything he does, and it has been a pleasure to work with him over the years. What’s most exciting to Divitto is that he never knows what stimulating and challenging project is coming next. Please join us in congratulating DPD Builders, Ltd. in an astounding 30-year history of building beautiful homes and being a known entity in the community of Bedford Hills.

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