Motion Stone

There’s something about Motion stone that sounds inherently futuristic. Maybe images of Dubai’s famous skyscrapers come to mind, their towering curves and rotating balconies defying space and logic, inspired by the mythical Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Or perhaps you envision Oscar Niemeyer’s “Brasilia,” the 1960’s urban plan featuring shape-shifting modernist structures that seem transported from Disney World’s Tomorrowland – their bowed and bending structures like U.F.O.’s caught in Brazil’s Vale dos Ventos (Valley of the Winds).

Then again, maybe futuristic buildings and utopian-influenced urban plans don’t come to mind at all, and motion stone sounds like the next generation, problem-solving product to achieve the look of high-end installations. And that’s exactly what it is. Motion stone is the latest architectural solution that will help you rejuvenate any space in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Connecticut Stone is excited to be one of the first companies to carry the versatile, high-quality stone covering.

How is Motion Stone Made?

Thin, lightweight, and made from a block of slate, Motion stone is made by gluing a fabric-like product that is combined with resin to a block of stone. Once dried, it’s peeled off and the resin backing will be stuck onto the stone. Essentially the layer of stone will peel off with the fabric and can be applied over and over again.

How to Apply Motion Stone

Motion is a flexible stone product covering that can be applied to almost any existing indoor vertical surfaces, ceilings, and elevator walls, and the application process is easy. Because of how thin Motion is, the surface it’s being applied to has to be perfectly flat. For example, if you plan to cover a concrete block wall with Motion, a skim coat would need to be added to the surface to make it totally flat before application. It’s recommended to set the product with an Ardex material to provide full coverage all over the wall. You will then unroll the Motion stone and tamp it down to the wall, similar to how you would install wallpaper – it’s that simple. In fact, it takes less time to create a new home design with Motion stone than it does to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture. (Do you know how many frustrated customers there are because they can’t figure out IKEA’s illustrated assembly instructional diagrams?)

Motion Stone’s Most Innovative Uses

Why is it called Motion stone? Because the products flexible, pliable, and shape-shifting nature is perfect for curved walls, pillars, columns, or any cylindrical shape that stone doesn’t lend itself to. Motion stone is recommended for interior use only, but it can be applied to wet areas if grout is used on joints. Motion stone can also be used at a 90-degree angle, or to cover doorways and entryways.

Theoretically, DIY architectural solutions like Motion stone have been used in the past (something like a wall covering, for example). However, Motion stone takes it to the next level, bridging form and function with the most luxurious material.

Here’s a scenario. You have a wooden column entryway in your home that’s in desperate need of rejuvenation, but you no longer want a rustic, farmhouse look. By applying Motion stone, you can easily create an aesthetic of solid, luxurious stone – more Greek Parthenon, say, and less upstate New York farmhouse.

Characteristics of Motion Stone

Motion stone is thin and durable, and because it’s made of slate, it’s also naturally layered. In fact, Motion stones micro-thin peeling process makes it one of a kind and there is no other stone like it. The stone covering is pre-sealed and comes in five colors: Pebble, Magma, Moss, Sierra, and Copper. Minimum effort, maximum result, that’s what Motion stone is all about. Whether you want to turn a Tudor bungalow into an urban loft or an urban loft into a Tudor bungalow, Motion stone enables you to revamp the space quickly and effortlessly.

To learn more about how to incorporate Motion stone into your interior design projects, visit our Connecticut Stone showroom today.

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