Quartzite Testing

How Does Quartzite Stone Hold Up to Common Kitchen Spills?

At Connecticut Stone, we take pride in the wide range of stone options we offer for your interior and exterior design and building needs. But one of the most popular stones we carry is quartzite, which has similar qualities to granite. Due to its natural hardness, quartzite is a great stone option for kitchen countertops and other high-traffic countertop spaces.

Different types of quartzite have different strength and absorption rates which makes sense, because they are each considered a natural material. Meaning, even though they come from the same family, they will have different qualities. For this reason, it’s important to test a product before selecting it for a certain application. So, the Connecticut Stone team thought why not put quartzite to the test in an effort to demonstrate just how durable this stone can be when properly sealed.

Putting Quartzite to the Test

As part of our test, we selected two different types of quartzite (White Macubas and Taj Mahal) that we carry here at Connecticut Stone and we sealed them with StoneTech Bulletproof Sealer. From there, we used a dropper to apply several different household products (olive oil, orange juice, toothpaste, mouthwash, and saline) to each sample of stone, including:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Vinegar
  • Ketchup
  • Lemon

These products were exposed to the stone for different periods of time (fifteen minutes, one hour, and three hours) to gauge how the quartzite would react. Specifically, we were looking for reactions such as staining and slight deterioration or dull spots on the stone, also known as etching. As we recorded our results, we made note of which common household products were the most likely to cause damage and how long, on average, it took for the damage to occur.

A Note About Sealers and Etching

Each sample of quartzite used in our test was properly sealed ahead of time, providing an additional barrier of protection against staining, etching, and other damage. We used one of the best stone sealers on the market, which we recommend to our clients for protecting their investments.

It is worth noting, however, that even the best stone sealers available can only do so much. A sealer, for example, can make your stone more stain-resistant, but they do not make it etch resistant. Etching is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs when acid comes into contact with certain types of stone. So, if you leave a spill of harsh vinegar dressing on your countertop for several hours after making a salad before cleaning it up, there is a good chance your stone will have experienced at least a minor amount of etching. This remains true regardless of the stone’s hardness, as all sealers and stone can eventually be broken down by acidic products.

Check Out the Results in Detail!

What we found when conducting this experiment is that quartzite, when properly sealed, is incredibly resistant to both stains and etching. However, no stone is completely stain- or damage-proof, so we always recommend the use of a quality stone sealer. We also encourage frequent cleaning and wiping down of countertop surfaces, especially after the stone has come into contact with a potentially damaging product, such as vinegar or lemon. With a little care and maintenance, quartzite countertops can retain their original beauty for many years to come.

Interested in finding out more about the results of our quartzite test? Check out the results (along with a more technical explanation of the properties of quartzite) for yourself in our video!

And remember, our team at Connecticut Stone is here for all your stone supply needs. With more than 70 years of experience in working with designers, builders, architects, and homeowners, we have the knowledge and custom cuts you need to take your design to the next level. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you! And if you’re interested in quartzite for your next countertop, flooring, or other project—check out our wide selection of more than two dozen different quartzite options on our website!

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