6 Fireplace Stone Veneer Ideas That’ll Warm Up Your Space

When you’re looking to transform a dated fireplace, natural stone veneer can be your best friend.  ThinStone™ – a natural, thinly sliced stone veneer – is particularly good for renovations because it can be applied directly over existing brick or on newly installed cement board. For best results, we recommend you work with a professional mason contractor or watch our video. ThinStone™ is also cost-effective for those looking to revamp a fireplace on a budget.

Stone veneer is available in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns to suit your needs. Looking for some design inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplace Stone

If your current fireplace cuts off at the mantel, consider transforming it by installing stone veneer that runs from the floor to the ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling fireplace designs are extremely popular and can create a great focal point in any space. You can always break up your design with a mantel, a large wreath, or even by mounting a TV above your fireplace.

2. Built-In Fireplace Storage

Speaking of shelving, adding some built-in storage to either side of your fireplace as part of its redesign can be a practical way to get more use out of the wall space. You can get creative here, using a combination of wood or another material for the shelves on either side (if your space allows).

3. Unique Fireplace Stone Patterns

You can achieve a unique fireplace stone pattern by combining two or more different patterns.  For example, combine mosaic and strip or square cut and ledge for a really unique look.

4. Custom Blend Fireplace Stones

Blending colors is another great way to put your own stylistic spin on your fireplace. To achieve a particular color range, designers and architects will often blend two or more different color stones to create a unique look.  Get creative by mixing and matching different stone veneer color options to achieve a look that’s truly yours. You’ll be sure to get people talking with your new fireplace design.

5. Wood and Stone

Bring rustic charm into your home by incorporating a little wood and other materials into your new fireplace design. In addition to a great stone veneer, mixed materials can bring in some natural warmth and ambiance within your space. While wood and stone are a traditional combination, brick and stone or stucco and stone also make for a stunning fireplace, depending on the look you’re going for.

6. Think Inside the Box

Lastly, you could consider laying a durable Soapstone veneer inside the firebox rather than just on the outside. Not all stone will be suitable for inside the firebox, however. Instead, you can add stone inside the wood storage box to create a more durable structure with a beautiful stone interior.

Find the Fireplace Stone Veneer You Need at Connecticut Stone

There are many ways to get creative with stone veneer when designing a fireplace. Cladding a fireplace with marble slabs or porcelain slabs, for example, is a unique and striking option for those looking for something different. Your options are limited only by your imagination. At Connecticut Stone, we carry a variety of building stone products to help turn your design dreams into reality. Be sure to check out our very own ThinStone™, a 100% natural stone veneer that’s easy to install and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Looking for more help with your fireplace project? Schedule a free consultation with our team. We’d love to hear more about your project and make personalized recommendations to help you achieve your dream look!

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