Trending Stone Selections for Exterior Fireplaces

Designers and architects are doing amazing things with exterior fireplaces. This spring and summer, fireplaces are much more than bricks and mortar; they are a way for your clients to bring their interior aesthetic preferences to the outdoors. When your client comes to you for an exterior fireplace, you now have an abundance of options at your disposal. With your creativity, your client’s wants and needs, and these current stone trends all considered, the finished exterior fireplace is sure to be a magazine-cover-worthy masterpiece.

Traditional Building Stone

This may be the most common stone option for outdoor fireplaces, but with creative implementation, it can be anything but ordinary. From granite to quartzite, even limestone, natural stone is an excellent way to make a new exterior fireplace appear like it has been there for generations. In New England, we are lucky because these stunning stones are prevalent. Due to the chilly climate, they can be found in many locations and in many colors to fulfill your client’s wishes.


Fieldstone is another classic, will never go out of style option for exterior fireplaces. The stone is retrieved from old farms or plantations around New England and then reclaimed and fabricated into modern ledge or square-cut stones. Fieldstone provides a rustic, earthy appearance that puts a modern twist on traditional stone fireplaces.

Porcelain Panels

Quickly becoming the epitome of high-end exterior spaces, porcelain panels bring the indoors outside and provide a sleek, minimalistic appearance that makes the fireplace the star of the backyard. Porcelain panels are not only a popular selection because of their alluring appearance, but they are also resistant to the New England weather, simple to install, and even come in tiles for a more affordable option.


If you’re looking for something economical, simple to apply, and provides a ton of color and pattern options, ThinStone™ will check off every one of your needs. This natural stone provides you with the traditional look you want, but without the high intensive labor, extensive timeline, and it even comes in an affordable price. Because it’s a lighter weight and cut so thin, it can be applied to many surfaces and even veneered or cladded, leaving you with the rustic, timeless appearance you’re looking for.

Pre-Fabricated Concrete Kits

Pre-fabricated fireplace kits are a great option for anyone wanting that updated look in a short period of time. With manufacturers like Nicolock, you can purchase these concrete wall systems at an affordable price and can get them in a variety of colors. They can even be built over the course of a weekend. With this option you will save money, time, and get the high-end appearance you want.

Why Partner with Connecticut Stone for Exterior Fireplaces

Whether you are working with your client on an ultra-chic porcelain panel fireplace or a rustic fieldstone one, you can rely on Connecticut Stone to fabricate and install whatever type of stone you need. We work directly with the masons, homeowners, architects, and designers necessary to get the fireplace up and running, while always staying true to your vision. With exclusive access to any type of stone you can dream up, Connecticut Stone is the top stone supplier in the northeast. With us, you can be sure that all of your client’s needs and wishes will be met and the final project will exceed their expectations. To learn more about the stone selections we have available for exterior fireplaces, contact us now.

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