What Are the Best Outdoor Kitchen Materials?

An outdoor kitchen can transform any exterior space into one that’s perfect for gathering and entertaining. From stunning outdoor kitchen islands with built-in grills to functional outdoor fireplaces that not only create ambiance but can serve a dual-purpose as a pizza oven as well—there are so many beautiful options to choose from when designing an outdoor kitchen!

At Connecticut Stone, we’re proud to carry all the quality exterior stone products needed to turn any outdoor space into a gorgeous and functional outdoor kitchen. From start to finish, our experienced team is here to help.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Materials: Granite

Granite is a popular option for outdoor kitchen countertops—and for good reason. In the beautiful outdoor kitchen that you’ll see in our video, two-inch Absolute Black Granite is used to achieve a sleek and modern look. By its very nature, granite is extremely durable and will stand up to the test of time. It can handle temperature extremes and exposure to the elements, so long as it is properly maintained.

Fortunately, granite is also a relatively low-maintenance stone; regular seal-coating will protect the granite from staining, making it an ideal stone option for an outdoor kitchen countertop. As you can see in the video, granite is also versatile enough to be used in the creation of a waterfall edge detail on an outdoor kitchen countertop. This can add stunning visual appeal while also being practical; granite will hold up to activity in high-traffic areas without scratching or other causing other damage over time.

Outdoor Kitchen Flooring: Jerusalem Grey Limestone

Choosing the right flooring for an outdoor kitchen is also essential. Great flooring can not only serve a practical purpose of protecting against spills but can really tie together a kitchen design. One popular option we recommend for outdoor kitchen flooring is Jerusalem Grey Limestone, which is imported from Israel. This beautiful sedimentary rock is formed at the basin of the sea, so it actually contains fossils of marine life that make it extremely unique.

In addition to being an eye-catching flooring option, Jerusalem Grey Limestone is also very practical for an outdoor kitchen. It stays cool even when exposed to high temperatures and sunlight, which makes it ideal for protecting bare feet from scorching hot pavement. It also comes in a sandblasted texture that reduces clefting, which may help to avoid those dreaded stubbed toes. The sandblasted texture also creates an anti-slip surface, making it ideal for use in an outdoor kitchen where occasional spills are unavoidable.

Outdoor Kitchen and Exterior Stone Supply from Connecticut Stone

A great outdoor kitchen can transform a space and add significant value to any home. However, using quality materials to construct an outdoor kitchen is a must. Today’s homeowners expect and demand the best materials when they spend their hard-earned money on an outdoor kitchen. Connecticut Stone makes it easy for designers, architects, and builders to provide their clients with the excellent stone products they deserve. Meanwhile, our passionate team can guide you through each step of the process to ensure you choose the right stone for your client’s outdoor kitchen needs.

From countertop and flooring materials to stone for outdoor fireplaces, exterior veneers, and more, Connecticut Stone has you covered. Find out more about our offerings or schedule a visit to our exterior stone yard today to see our outdoor stone options first-hand.

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