Thassos Marble Tile

Thassos Marble Tile

When you picture a pure white, brilliant marble, you are probably picturing Thassos marble. Renowned for its magnificent white color and its limited availability, Thassos marble tile is a highly sought-after stone selection for high-end contemporary, modern, or transitional interior design projects.

Where Is Thassos Marble Quarried?

Thassos marble is named after the small Greek island where it is quarried. The stone’s history is rich, with it being used to construct temples and sculptures by the Greeks and Romans in the sixth century BC. The small island in the Aegean Sea is the only location in the world where this stunning stone can be found. As such, it is highly regulated by the island’s government, and is only retrievable from 10 quarries on the island. Thassos marble is one of the most expensive stones available, and it is the epitome of luxury and high class.

What Are the Physical Characteristics of Thassos Marble Tile?

Thassos marble is renowned as being the whitest natural marble in the world. Its purity and crystal-like appearance is unmatched, and its quarry is rugged. As with all natural stones, the veining patterns can vary, and it is common to see a pale gray webbing effect throughout. There are sometimes burnt orange veins found within the marble, but this is very minimal. In general, the highest quality Thassos marble comes in small blocks and has a polished, pure, and clear appearance, similar to a sugar cube.

What Are the Benefits of Thassos Marble Tile?

Thassos marble is highly desirable because of its purity and natural beauty. As a premium stone, it is durable, displays a captivating luster, and it’s pure white color combines well with other materials in water jet design and mosaics. Thassos is also prized for its historic value and its finite availability.

What Are the Most Popular Uses of Thassos Marble in Connecticut?

Thassos marble makes the most striking interior floors and walls. It brings a sense of extravagance to any space, while also lightening up the room, for the perfect awe-inspiring appearance. Just like other marbles, Thassos can stain or etch if not properly treated, so it is not commonly used on kitchen countertops in Connecticut; however, if sealed correctly, it can provide an alluring aesthetic as in bathrooms, for fireplace designs, and for wall applications.

What Are the Limitations of Thassos Quarry?

While the risk of staining in untreated marble is worth noting, one of the limitations with Thassos marble is availability if you want large quantities, a larger size slab, or if you want to find pieces with specific characteristics such as white webbing or pure quality. However, if you’re not looking for something with specific characteristics and you’d like the marble in the standard size, you’ll have no problem obtaining your stone.

Thassos marble is one of the most divine stones in the world, and it will transform any space into something out of a magazine. However, with its limited supply and high price tag, it is usually reserved for high-end renovations and upscale designs.

To learn more about the characteristics and benefits of Thassos marble tile, or to see the gorgeous stone in person, visit our Connecticut showroom today.