The Timeless Beauty of Thassos Marble Tile: Everything to Know

As a fine Grecian marble, Thassos is a striking stone quarried directly from the Greek island of Thassos. With its pure white appearance and unique beauty, this is one of the most sought-after stones on the market. If you have a client looking to create a truly luxurious and high-class design, this is one material you won’t want to overlook.

Why Use Thassos For Your Next Project

Aside from its unrivaled beauty, Thassos marble remains a popular choice for interior stone projects due to its extreme durability. Its natural hardness makes it an ideal selection in high-traffic areas — and it can even hold up as a resilient flooring option in commercial settings.

It delivers the pure white color many associate with sleek and modern design. This is a level of crisp whiteness that simply cannot be achieved with other stones, creating a bright and vibrant appearance that gives a project something uniquely stunning.

What Are the Physical Characteristics of Thassos Marble Tile?

Thassos marble is renowned as being the whitest natural marble in the world. Its purity and crystal-like appearance is unmatched, and its quarry is rugged. As with all natural stones, the veining patterns can vary, and it is common to see a pale gray webbing effect throughout. There are sometimes burnt orange veins found within the marble, but this is very minimal. In general, the highest quality Thassos marble comes in small blocks and has a polished, pure, and clear appearance, similar to a sugar cube.

Thassos Marble: Interior Uses

More commonly, Thassos marble is seen throughout indoor residential and commercial projects. This beautiful white marble is an excellent choice for applications like interior flooring (even in areas of high foot traffic), walls, and fireplace surrounds. It can also be used as a material for bathroom countertops, though regular sealing is a must to protect against staining and etching. Clients also love Thassos marble in bathroom designs, especially as an elegant shower field or mosaic tile.

Thassos is available in slabs – for countertops, fireplace facings, and slab walls – as well as a variety of other options like:

  • Field tiles (such as 3×6, 4×12, 6×12, 12×24, 18×18, and 24×24)
  • Mosaics
  • Moldings
  • Trim pieces

In a variety of finishes like polished, honed, sandblasted, brushed, and tumbled, Thassos is incredibly versatile. Because it is pure white, Thassos combines beautifully with other materials (both natural stone and glass, metal, etc). As a result, you will find it in a variety of waterjet mosaics, for example. Thassos also has a subtle crystalline fleck to it, like that of a polished sugarcube!

Maintenance and Cleaning of Thassos Marble

While Thassos tile is more durable and dense than many other types of marble, it still requires some special care and maintenance to keep it in the best possible shape. Because the color of Thassos marble is such a pure white, even the slightest of stains or other surface imperfections can really stand out to the naked eye.

The best way to care for Thassos marble is with an impregnating sealer, like Stonetech Bulletproof, which will protect the stone from absorbing liquids that can cause staining. For daily maintenance, white Thassos marble tile can simply be wiped down with a cleaning product made specifically for natural stone. This specialized cleaner will not contain harsh chemicals that may cause the stone to etch or become damaged over time.

At Connecticut Stone, we carry a wide selection of Thassos marble — and you can see it for yourself at our showroom. Schedule an appointment today to plan your visit, or get in touch with our team to learn more about our offerings!

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