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Tahiti Quartzite



Tahiti Quartzite 

Tahiti quartzite is a gorgeous off-white, pale beige stone that is quarried from Brazil that contains subtle grays, greens, and creams throughout. The simple yet sophisticated natural pattern of the stone makes it an ideal option for countertops and can be used throughout kitchens and bathrooms for a stunning appearance and unrivaled durability. Tahiti quartzite can be processed to have a variety of finishes to fit within any design scheme, including polished, sandblasted, honed, or brushed.

Why Choose Tahiti Quartzite? 

Tahiti quartzite is an excellent option for architects and designers for many reasons:

  • It Is Stunning– Tahiti quartzite emulates the look of marble, yet it is clear that this gorgeous stone is natural and unique. Tahiti quartzite is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • It Is Durable – Since quartzite is quarried from the earth, there are few stones that are stronger or more stain, and scratch resistant. Even though it naturally has fissures (tiny cracks), this stone is naturally resistant to fractures, and can withstand the heat.

At Connecticut Stone, we have a diverse selection of natural Tahiti quartzite that is perfect for the design you are working on. However, please note that because Tahiti quartzite is natural, it will vary in its color and grain, so please either request a photo of our current inventory or stop by our showroom in Milford, CT to see the beauty of Tahiti quartzite for yourself.


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