Princess White

Origin: Brazil
Classification: Quartzite
Color Range: White, Grey, Green

**Please note that natural stone varies in color and grain. Website photos may not be representative of current product lots. Please request a sample or photo of our current color range.


Princess White Quartzite 

Princess white quartzite is an exquisite stone that is mined from the quarries of Brazil. This stunning stone only comes in slabs and features the commonly seen white and grays, but it also contains hints of pale green throughout. Princess white quartzite countertops are among the stone’s most popular uses. However, it also makes a gorgeous option for bathroom countertops, slab pieces, fireplaces or shower walls. Princess white quartzite can be carefully processed to portray a variety of appearances to match your design aesthetic. Options include being polished, honed, sandblasted, and brushed.

Why Choose Princess White Quartzite? 

Designers and architects frequently select princess white quartzite for several reasons:

  • Its Appearance Is Exquisite– The unique undertones and luxe finish in princess white quartzite make it a popular option, and princess white quartzite counters are especially enviable.
  • Its Strength Is Unmatched – Whether its princess white quartzite counters or the shower wall in your bathroom, this natural stone will withstand stains and scratches.

At Connecticut Stone, we have a unique and varied selection of princess white quartzite slabs available. However, we ask that you please remember that since princess white quartzite is a natural stone, its color and grain will vary, so please do not select the stone based on its online photographs. It is always preferred to visit our Milford, Connecticut, showroom to see the beauty of the princess white quartzite in person, but if that is not an option, we are happy to send up-to-date photographs of our current inventory


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