Waterfall Countertops

Waterfall Countertops: A Stylish & Flowing Wine Room Idea

When you walk into a kitchen, it’s hard not to notice the large, one-of-a-kind, natural stone island right in the middle of the room. It’s the focal point – the statement piece that everyone admires and wants to touch as they walk through. But lately, the waterfall countertop trend has been adding an extra design element to natural stone countertops that has designers, architects, and homeowners wanting more. So, what exactly makes waterfall countertops appealing and why are so many people adding them into their design projects? Let’s take a look at what makes these countertops so desirable from a design perspective and why they’re the perfect feature to add to any project.

What Materials to Use

Unlike traditional countertops that stop at the edge, waterfall countertops create a dramatic, yet elegant look by flowing all the way down to the floor in one seamless, continuous line. They can create a stunning focal point or by simply coordinating with the backsplash and the other counters in the room, they can be the element that ties the whole room together.

Waterfall countertops are typically crafted in natural stone – specifically quartzite or marble – but wood, concrete, and other man-made materials are also an option. Natural stone (specifically quartzite), however, is highly recommended. It is the most durable and you can accentuate the purity and natural beauty of the stone by matching the veins in the material. And let’s be honest, nothing truly compares to the visual appeal of a beautiful winding vein running across multiple sides of a kitchen island.

How They’re Made

This style of counter is made to appear as if it were one continuous block by mitering the edges of two pieces of stone at a 45-degree angle and dropping the apron. This is what creates the waterfall edge effect. Typically, whenever possible, the vein should remain unbroken for a natural look that spreads across the top and drips down the sides. However, depending on the size of the stone, it’s not always possible. You can also create the illusion that the block is thicker than it actually is with proper installation and by mitering the leg and the return leg of the counter, so it balances out the size and scale.

Pairs Well with Wine

No longer relegated to dark and desolate basements, homeowners are opting for wine rooms over wine cellars and placing them in or near entertaining areas. Wine rooms provide a place to show off vintage collections while keeping favorite bottles within close reach.

Tasting rooms, or simple tasting areas, are a natural complement to wine rooms and waterfall countertops provide the perfect way to designate a special place to congregate. This sleek and sensual design begs the visitor to sit down and have a glass in style.

Contemporary looking waterfall countertops bring the natural designs of mother earth into the home when crafted of marble, granite, and travertine. But one of the best materials for this application is quartzite. Quartzite is denser and more durable than marble, and is resistant to acid etching, making it ideal for tasting rooms. Drips are inevitable, so whether it’s wine, liquor, lemons or limes, quartzite is less likely to be damaged by these acidic elements.

The Perfect Finish

Every slab has its own personality and style, but the finish provides a look and texture that’s just as important. Try a polished finish for a bright gleam, a honed finish for a matte look, or a slightly textured leathered finish. There’s no correct way to finish a project, it simply depends on the materials used, location, functionality or purpose of the counter, and the user’s personal preference and style.

Waterfall Countertops – Versatile Throughout the Home and Office

Waterfall countertops are not only spectacular in the kitchen but are incredible in the bathroom on top of a vanity and can even make an excellent community workspace.

If you’re looking to add gorgeous waterfall countertops to your home, one important thing to look for is a qualified manufacturer with a team that can help you properly install them. At Connecticut Stone we make sure every detail is addressed, from creating the best display of color and veins on each slab, to polishing the stone for a perfect finish. Every slab is unique and done in house to make sure the job gets done to your exact specifications. If you’re ready to discuss your waterfall countertop ideas, contact Connecticut Stone today to get started!