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The Advantages of Incorporating Marble into Your Design Projects

From the ancient Romans and Greeks in their design of the Colosseum and the Parthenon to today’s homes and businesses, marble has been utilized in architectural design to great benefit. Its characteristics make it advantageous to use in a wide variety of elements in terms of both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

What Are the Characteristics of Marble?

Marble is classified as a metamorphic rock that forms above sea level. Based on a variety of environmental aspects, it can come in every color imaginable. However, where you are in the world will determine the look and color of the local marble available. It appears softer in grain and more freeform in pattern with a timeless, elegant feeling to it.

What Are the Advantages of Marble?

The main benefit of choosing marble for your home or office design is likely its impressive aesthetic value. It looks expensive. Therefore, using it in a space creates an elegant, luxurious, appearance anywhere it is utilized. In addition, by nature, marble is a unique material. Some types of marble, like calacatta, for instance, can look substantially different from one block to another. This in essence means a homeowner or business owner could potentially have a unique product, that will not be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

Where Marble is Best Utilized in Design

Marble can be used in a wide variety of locations within a business or a home. However, designers should consider using it in a location in which it will have a big impact. A high-end house could have a two-story fireplace of marble, for example, or it can be used for countertops as well. In general, marble can be used for kitchens, fireplaces, walls, backsplashes, and/or bathrooms. It can even be used outside, though some people might be hesitant to. Just consider the major metropolises across the nation, such as Washington, DC, that use marble in outdoor features like stairs. The material is pretty durable, but you have to ensure the proper thickness is installed for outdoor use and that homeowners understand the maintenance requirements.

Where is the Best Place to Include Marble as it Relates to Design?

It typically makes sense for marble to be used in horizontal applications like foyers and counters. However, if you apply it to projects like fireplaces, it transforms into more than just a building product. By using marble in vertical applications like this, it can truly become a piece of art and the material can be appreciated.

What’s the Most Practical Use of Marble?

When it comes to marble, it’s important to evaluate the traffic an area will have to see if it will fit within the lifestyle of the client. Discuss whether or not young children will be using the space and weigh the pros and cons between intended application and the people who will use it in real life.

How to Take Care of Marble

During installation, marble will be sealed. After installation, homeowners will need to take care of their marble using stone cleaner and might have to have it resealed periodically, depending on the traffic in the area.

What Should You Consider When a Design Contains Marble?

Keep in mind, the size of marble can vary greatly. This means if a single size slab is requested, it’s important to check to see if that marble is available in that size, for that space. For example, if your client wants to use marble to create an 11ft island, but the marble slab doesn’t come in that size, is it aesthetically pleasing to have a seam running through it? Therefore, it’s important to put some thought into the application before you choose the marble for the design. Otherwise, if they fall in love with a particular type of marble, you can change the design to accommodate the chosen material.

Marble is a wonderful material around which to build a design. Homeowners will love the rich appearance and will likely get nothing but compliments from all who step through their home’s doors. To find out more about the types of marble available, contact us at Connecticut Stone today.

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