Using Innovative Stone Technology to Perfect Your Stone Projects

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At Connecticut Stone, we’re always looking for ways to incorporate the latest in stone technology to ensure our clients are given the most accurate, efficient, and versatile information to make informed decisions for their projects. As a client (or even as a designer or architect working alongside our team), much of the technology that comes into play is “invisible” — but makes a huge difference in your project’s turnout.

Laser Templating

Our team takes a lot of pride in our use of state-of-the-art laser templating for natural stone projects. Specifically, templating is done to ensure the proper fit for a slab, whether used for a fireplace or new kitchen countertops. An exact fit is important in every stone project, but it is especially vital when working with small margins of error, such as in the fabrication of a slab fireplace.

Before we begin fabricating a job, we travel to the job site and create a pattern of what we plan to build. Prior to laser technology, the process involved making a formed shape out of plywood, fitting it in place, and bringing it back to our factory for processing (some companies still use this technique). However, laser templating provides us with pinpoint accuracy, and we can follow intricate curves and radiuses, which are essential for projects like custom countertops, pool coping, wall caps, and more. We can even template in 3D, which is useful when building things like staircases and fireplaces. Because we use the most innovative and precise laser technology to do our templates, we can ensure a more precise fit when it comes time to install your stone.

Image Imposition

We also use high-quality digital photography to provide our clients with an accurate feel or picture of what their finished products will look like once they’re installed. This is typically done after templating is completed and involves superimposing a high-quality photograph of the material onto a digital image to create a realistic mock-up. This technology also allows the client to choose exactly what they want to capture (and what they might want to avoid) to ensure maximum satisfaction!

“Perfect Match” Technology

Connecticut Stone also uses “Perfect Match” software from Slabsmith to perfect each of our slab products when fabricating simple countertops or even multi-level countertops (such as a bar top).

This unique technology is a must-have for all artisans, allowing us to open completed room templates and browse our extensive inventory of natural stone slabs. From there, slabs can be loaded individually and moved around or positioned as needed to create the ideal design.

This technology makes it easier than ever for us to play around with slab and countertop placement in an effort to hide seams. Once a rough layout is established, this software also allows us to zoom in to make even more precise adjustments before checking for consistency and aesthetics. Perfect Match even makes it possible to create multiple layouts and compare them side-by-side to choose the option that best suits the space.

For more complex projects, such as multi-level countertops, Perfect Match also offers a 3D perspective that allows us to see the countertop from all angles and make adjustments as needed. With this technology, we’re able to fabricate countertops that go beyond our clients’ expectations while avoiding unexpected (and costly) issues at installation.

The Bottom Line on Connecticut Stone Technology

We believe that the innovative technology we use every day allows us to set ourselves apart from other stone suppliers in the area. From our super-precise laser templating and high-resolution imposition to our use of Perfect Match software, we’re taking advantage of every tool at our disposal so that we can help more clients turn their design dreams into reality.

Of course, our technology is just one of many things that set us apart as the area’s leading stone supplier and fabricator. Our combined 70 years of industry experience, as well as our expansive stone yard and showroom, make us a convenient one-stop-shop for your interior and exterior stone supply needs.

Contact our team at Connecticut Stone to set up your free consultation today or to find out more about the technology we use to deliver the best results.

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