Reasons to use ThinStone™

At Connecticut Stone, we’ve always taken pride in our quality product offerings—from our gorgeous granite and quartz slabs to our exterior porcelain, flagging, and everything in between. One of our most popular products these days, however, is that of our very own ThinStone™.

ThinStone™ is a 100% natural-stone veneer that allows you to achieve the look and feel of real stone but in a lightweight and easy-to-install product. Currently, we offer ThinStone™ in more than 80 different color and pattern options to suit your clients’ unique needs. From creating beautiful stacked-stone fireplace surrounds to updating the exterior of a home or commercial building, there are some truly unique uses for ThinStone™ that you may want to consider offering to your clients.

Matching Based on Inspiration Photos

You’re likely familiar with the experience of being approached by a client with inspiration photos they’ve found online; they want you to achieve the same results for their project—but there may be minimal information available when it comes to how the results in the photo were achieved, which materials were used, and how much they cost.

Fortunately, because ThinStone™ is available in so many different color options and styles, matching an inspiration photo is often possible. Generally, we will ask you to send a picture of your client’s inspiration project; from there, we can put together a unique blend of stone to get as close to the desired result as possible. In some cases, we may even be able to locate a ThinStone™ match without the need for special blending.

Unique Shapes and Color Blends

We’re also able to achieve custom sizes, shapes, and color blends with ThinStone™. For example, in addition to the top and bottom, we can saw the ends of the stone to create a temporary design that’s perfect for a whole house façade, fireplace, or outdoor barbecue, not just fireplace or outdoor barbecue. Whether your client wants to achieve a rustic look, a clean look, or something in between—we can help make it happen with ThinStone™.

Can Be Used Anywhere

ThinStone™ is lightweight yet durable enough to be used on just about any vertical surface imaginable. Some of the more common uses we see for ThinStone™ include on the exterior of buildings, houses, walls, and more, as it is durable enough to stand up to the elements. However, other potential applications range from use in wine cellars and lobbies to office walls and pillars, fireplace surrounds, and even shower walls.

Custom Finish Options

In addition to our standard stock split face ThinStone™ option, we can do a unique finish. For example, a more contemporary look could be achieved by making a dimensional ThinStone™ and applying different finishes to it. This is a practical and affordable way for your clients to get the custom look they’ve been dreaming of. We take these projects on a case-by-case basis, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your clients’ ideas!

Product Feature: ThinStone™ Hampton Blend™

One of our more popular ThinStone™ products right now is the beautiful Hampton Blend™ Granite, which features a soft blend of beige and grey tones with a subtle golden hue. This particular product is available in a mosaic, strip cut, ledge cut, and square cut to meet your clients’ needs. It is excellent for both commercial and residential applications.

ThinStone™ is an excellent option for helping your clients turn their inspiration photos into reality. Contact our team at Connecticut Stone today to find out more about this and our other product offerings. You can also visit our showroom to see ThinStone™ and other products, in-person!

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