NJ Stone Suppliers for Marble, Granite, ThinStone™, Bluestone, and Beyond

Mother Nature creates works of art all around us, and one of the most awe-inspiring is the abundance of natural stone. From the alluring marble pattern that completes a bathroom, the stunning granite slab that finishes off a kitchen, and the eye-catching bluestone that provides the perfect look to a front yard, natural stone is always a key element to any design. 

As your New Jersey stone supplier, we can custom cut and finish natural stone to your client’s specifications and can even blend and create unique patterns unlike any other. For more than 70 years, Connecticut Stone has been providing homeowners and design professionals all over the world with the unique, high-quality stones they seek. As your trusted NJ stone manufacturer, we will provide valuable insights into the features of the stones while offering innovative design suggestions. We work hard to make sure you always have the ideal stone for your project—even if that means ordering and shipping it in, or custom cutting and finishing it.

Discover Our Exterior Building Stone at Our Stone Yard

If you are working primarily on a smaller outdoor project and you’re in the area, stop by our stone yard in Stamford. It’s a perfect and convenient place to find exterior stone such as building stone, veneer, bluestone, wallstone, aggregates, pavers, and more. This is where we, as your NJ stone suppliers, highlight the finest exterior building stone options available for your projects. In addition to touring the facility to see our full collection of natural stone, you can walk through our manufacturing facility and see the stone making processes first-hand. Whether you’re interested in different types of finishes, cuts, patterns, and more, all of our stone making processes are done in-house.

Explore Our Interior Stone Selection at Our Main Showroom

Conveniently located near New Jersey, our Milford, CT showroom gives you the opportunity to see the stunning appearance of our stones up close. Whether you’re looking for marble, granite, quartz, and beyond, you will truly feel inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounds you. Our team of experts will work with you to help you locate the natural stone selection that brings your vision to life as you peruse our vast, diverse selection of both interior and exterior stones.

Why We Are the Top National and New Jersey Stone Supplier

No matter what type of stone you require, or how much of it you need, you can depend on us as your NJ stone supplier for these three reasons: 

  • We have one of the largest stone selections in the entire country. So, whatever vision you have in your head for the project you are working on, we have a stone that will meet or exceed your expectations. 
  • We can custom cut and finish projects not just locally, but internationally as well. Wherever you are, no matter the stone, we’re here to help you get the piece of your dreams. 
  • We are a one stop shop. You can source the materials for both the interior and exterior of your project at one location, eliminating multiple vendors and saving on shipping and transportation.   
  • Our showroom is staffed with people who are passionate about the role of natural stones in design. They will help you determine the ideal stone for the aesthetics and function you require. 

If your project calls for the use of natural stone, pick up your phone and contact our NJ representative today. As your trusted New Jersey stone manufacturer and supplier, you will have the help of our experts every step of the way to ensure your project is a success.