Breeo Smokeless Firepit X Series

Want a fire pit but short on space? The Breeo X Series Freestanding Fire Pit is the perfect option for your outdoor entertaining area. Available in 19” for those with a barely-present patio and 24” for those with three to seven friends or family members, this stunning stainless-steel fire pit is a fantastic centerpiece for your next gathering. Made in the USA, this smokeless fire pit is perfect to cook with. Because it’s considered “smokeless” it means there is less smoke than your typical fire pit. Engineered to reduce smoke output, the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit creates more airflow and therefore, burns a hotter fire with less smoke. Just add a Sear Plate and watch your juicy steaks become a glorious reality. Both sizes are also compatible with Insert Rings to provide a seamless fit and the ultimate smokeless fire pit experience.


Key Features:

  • Colors: Stainless Steel and Patina
  • Dimensions: 
    • The 19” Breeo smokeless fire pit inside diameter is 18.5”, the outside diameter is 22.125”, H14.75”
    • The 24” Breeo smokeless fire pit inside diameter is 23.5”, the outside diameter is 27.5”, H14.75”
    • The 30″ Breeo smokeless fire pit inside diameter is 30″, the outside diameter is 34.5″, H14.75”
  • Weight:
    • 19″ fire pit weighs 47 lbs alone or 54 lbs with sear plate
    • 24″ fire pit weighs 62 lbs alone and 74 lbs with sear plate
    • 30″ fire pit weighs 94lbs alone or 115lbs with sear plate
  • Accessories: Breeo Outpost 24, Sear Plate, Insert Ring, Adjustable Kettle Hook, Flat Bottom Cast Iron Kettle 1.75 Gallon. There is also a firemaster package (includes Outpost Adjustable Grill, Kettle Hook, and Kettle) and the X Series Insert Ring Package, which allows you to slide your X Series fire pit right into the fixture you already have, providing you with the flexibility to pull it out and keep it portable.


Please reach out to the Milford Showroom at (203) 403-6816 to purchase.




  • Sleek Stainless Steel finish
  • Available in either 19” or 24”.
  • Add the optional Sear Plate™ to take your live fire cooking up a notch (or 10). Reaching up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, the Sear Plate™ is the key to juicy steaks with a beautiful sear.
  • The X Series 24 is compatible with the X Series 24 Insert Ring, so you can slide your X Series fire pit into your patio coping for a seamless fit.
  • The X Series 19 is compatible with the X Series 19 Insert Ring, so you can slide your X Series fire pit into your patio coping for a seamless fit.
  • Choose the accessories and packages to fit your lifestyle. From the Insert Ring to the Firemaster Package, you can now maximize your smokeless fire pit experience
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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Available Sizes

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Available Finish

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