5 Barefoot-Friendly Patio Stone Options in Connecticut

Few details can transform the look of an outdoor living space as well as a good quality, gorgeous stone. Whether it is surrounding a pool, providing a platform for a fire pit, or serving as the foundation for a pergola, the natural beauty of stone always steals the show.

When you are creating an outdoor space for your client, your job is to select the most beautiful stone for the space. However, as you know, providing your clients with stone for their patio comes down to a lot more than just looks. You have to make sure the barefoot-friendly patio stone in Connecticut is functional for the way they live, and it needs to stand up to the extreme weather experienced in this region. While bluestone is a common option for patio stone, there are many other varieties to consider that may suit your clients’ preferences. As such, we have used our 70 years of work within the industry to put together these five patio stone options for Connecticut homes and commercial spaces:

Limestone: Cool Touch and Charming Appearance

First, we have to mention limestone when talking about patio stones. A classic Connecticut patio stone, limestone is the go-to for outdoor spaces because it effortlessly deflects the heat, keeping the surface cool for bare feet to walk on. Limestone provides an earthy, natural vibe and can work great in both modern and traditional spaces.

Porcelain: Consistent Texture and Simple Cleanup

Next on our list is the porcelain paver, which was selected as a top patio stone in Connecticut because of its consistent, level texture. This characteristic eliminates the tripping hazard that other cleft and uneven stones may present. Additionally, porcelain is resistant to discoloration, so your client won’t have to worry about stains from pollen, grease, food, or anything else. And since porcelain comes in several different patterns, shades, and sizes, you can customize it to fit the look of the outdoor space. Side note, you may want to avoid porcelain pavers that are dark colored because they can feel very hot on bare feet.

Dekton: Extreme Durability and Low-Key Maintenance

As a newcomer on the patio stone scene, Dekton is an innovative product that will transform the way you approach patio design. A fusion of glass, quartz, and porcelain, Dekton is the most heavy-duty stone on the market. It can handle all temperature extremes with ease, and it is difficult to scratch or dent. Additionally, it is UV resistant, so it will not breakdown or fade over time. Dekton is non-porous, so staining isn’t a concern. Dekton is the ideal patio stone for an outdoor space that sees a lot of action.

Concrete Pavers: Cost Effective and Slip-Resistant

Concrete pavers are an excellent choice for your clients no matter what their budget. They still provide the cool-to-the-touch characteristic that is essential for a patio stone; however, they cost less than the other options on our list. With concrete pavers, like those from Nicolock, there are multiple fade-resistant color options available, so you can make sure to showcase your client’s unique style. Additionally, concrete pavers are inherently slip-resistant, so they can even be used around a pool.

Granite Pavers: Modern and Affordable

With a similar appearance to bluestone, granite pavers provide your clients with a sophisticated patio stone that brings a modern aesthetic to the outdoors. Granite pavers are flamed on the top to produce a super sleek appearance, and they can be ordered in a full spectrum of colors to fit any design you have in mind. Even though they appear luxe, granite pavers are still cost effective: There’s a reason they are amongst the most popular options of patio stone in Connecticut.

By keeping the barefoot-friendly aspect of patio stone in mind, as well as its beauty, you will find a high-quality stone that your clients will enjoy for years to come. If you have any questions about which patio stone will work the best for your client’s wants, needs, and budget, contact us now. We are always happy to help.

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