Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas to Bring Style to Your Outdoor Living Space

Adding a fire pit to a property is a great way to create an inviting space for family, friends, and loved ones to gather on those chilly spring and fall evenings. Of course, no fire pit is really complete without some cozy and practical seating. But with so many options available, how can you decide which is best for the area around your new fire pit? Here are some outdoor fire pit seating ideas to help kickstart your brainstorming.

1. Classic Adirondack Chairs

You really can’t go wrong with a set of classic wooden Adirondack chairs around a fire pit. These oversized, wide chairs feature angled seats that make it easy to kick back and relax. Plus, the armrests on most Adirondack chairs are extra wide, so they can easily accommodate drinks without the need for additional tables. You can buy these chairs unfinished and finish them yourself in your desired color or stain — or you can buy them pre-finished, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

2. Stone & Natural Elements

If you want something that’s truly unique and out of the box, this is a stunning option that will truly impress your guests. By making your very own seating area with ThinStone™, you can create a cozy gathering area right at the focal point of the action (the fire pit!). Clad concrete block with ThinStone™ and add some cushions to tie it all together. No matter your taste, earth elements like stone can create a natural, rustic feel guaranteed to bring people together.

3. Outdoor Daybeds

What’s better on a cold night than snuggling up beside a roaring fire? Being able to actually lay down and relax in a comfortable outdoor daybed! These days, you can find daybeds specifically designed to be used outdoors and hold up to the elements. You may not want a daybed to be your only option for fire pit seating (some people may still prefer to sit around the fire), but this is a great idea to consider if you want something a little more unique.

4. Outdoor Swings

More people are installing fun swings around their outdoor fire pits to make the lounging experience more novel and enjoyable. You’ll often see these as bench swings attached to a larger wooden structure, such as a pergola. Swings are a great way to add some whimsy to your fire pit area. Plus, since they’re already elevated off the ground, they’re easy to mow and landscape around as needed.

5. Wicker Lounge Chairs

Wicker is a practical yet beautiful option for outdoor seating, especially around a fire pit. That’s because wicker furniture tends to be lightweight, so you can easily move it as needed or put it away when it’s not in use. Wicker comes in various styles, from standard wicker chairs to wicker couches. This is also a very weather-resistant material, so you can expect it to last through harsh New England winters for many years to come.

6. Outdoor Sofas and Sectionals

A complete outdoor furniture set (such as a couch and/or sectional) is another excellent option for outdoor fire pit seating. You might even consider pairing a sectional with end tables or a small coffee table to hold things like drinks (and s’mores ingredients).

7. Mix and Match

If you like some of these ideas, remember you don’t have to choose just one. Part of what’s great about designing your own outdoor space is that you can decide on whatever works best for your unique design tastes and functional needs. Consider, for example, pairing some fun wicker chairs with a few classic Adirondack chairs to give your guests some options to choose from. Or, you could combine an outdoor sectional with some fun swing seating to mix things up a bit. The possibilities are endless!

Design Your Dream Fire Pit Today

With the right outdoor seating around your fire pit, you’ll be set up for many relaxing nights with family and loved ones. Ultimately, it’s all about choosing fire pit seating that is practical, functional, and suits your design tastes. The rest is just details!

Looking for more inspiration for your outdoor fire pit area? Connecticut Stone has you covered with all the supplies and tools needed to get the job done. From fire pits and ash removal tools to spark covers and more, we aim to make your time around the fire more enjoyable. Reach out to our knowledgeable team to set up your project consultation with one of our specialists. We look forward to working with you!

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