Choosing a Natural Stone for Your Custom-Made Outdoor Bench

An outdoor stone bench can add beautiful and functional seating to any entertaining space. Whether your client is looking to add a large custom-made stone bench around an outdoor fireplace or a simple stone garden bench next to their favorite flower bed, there are plenty of material and design options to consider for an outdoor stone bench seating project.

Natural Granite

Clients seeking a rustic, natural-looking bench design that will last for hundreds of years, may want to consider a solid piece of granite cut into a radius or other desired shape for bench seating. Typically, this would require the client to visit our stone yard and pick out the raw material in-person. From there, we can gather details on the desired dimensions and fabricate the granite into a natural and beautiful piece. The bench can then be delivered and installed using a forklift on the client’s property.

Polished Coping

Another natural stone outdoor bench option to consider is that of constructing the base of the bench from natural stone and then topping it with a piece of stone coping, such as granite, for comfortable seating. The base of the bench can be constructed using natural building stone, veneer, or even ThinStone™. This is a practical option for homeowners who want a more polished look and don’t want to worry about clothing getting snagged on a rough edge of a raw cut. Because of the flat surface offered by the polished top, this type of design can also be used as a serving area for food and beverages.

Rustic Boulders

Those who enjoy a more natural, rustic, or organic look may also want to consider this outdoor stone bench design, which is made from boulders of natural stone. To create this classic outdoor stone bench seat, clients pick out specific pieces that are the approximate desired height of their bench. From there, a slab of stone, such as granite or fieldstone, is cut to lay on top.

If your client is looking to minimize costs, the same material can be used for both the legs and the top of the bench. In this case, the client would pick the boulders, and material from the boulders could be sliced off the top and used to create a comfortable, flat bench seat.

Affordable Nicolock

Clients looking for a fun built-in bench that’s affordable should look into using products such as Nicolock. Interlocking wallstone can also be used to achieve a similar look. Using small pieces (typically 12-15″ in size), a retaining-wall design creates the housing for a built-in bench that is easy to construct and will hold up to the test of time.

Built-In with Slab

Clients can take their outdoor seating to the next level with a unique design, such as this built-in bench made with a combination of veneer (on the bottom) and a slab of stone on top. The polished stones top makes for comfortable seating, and the additional boulders create a natural lounging seat that both adults and children can enjoy. Clients can even decorate their outdoor stone bench with some fun pillows and other accessories to bring the comfort of the indoors outside.

Your Trusted Outdoor Stone Bench Manufacturer

When it comes to creating comfortable yet beautiful outdoor seating, natural stone benches are the way to go. From rustic granite cuts to more sleek and polished veneer options, there are plenty of outdoor bench designs for your clients to choose from. When you need the highest quality materials for the job, Connecticut Stone is here for you. We offer a wide range of stone products from which to choose, and you’ll enjoy our team’s guidance and expertise along the way. Contact us today to find out more or plan your visit to our showroom or stone yard to find the ideal material for your client’s outdoor bench project.