Multi-Step White Kitchen Renovation: Completed with Quartz Countertops

Ever since moving into her home years ago, this homeowner has been updating her kitchen step by step. The backsplash and cabinets were all upgraded to be a fresh and airy white color, and she knew it was time to complete her kitchen renovation with new countertops. While her kitchen looked nice and her countertops were in good condition, the green marble was simply outdated and needed to be brought up to today’s more contemporary styling. She also wanted to level out her island to open up the space.

How the Countertop Was Selected

When deciding which countertop to choose, she did a lot of research. She surveyed home improvement and design magazines, spoke to experts, and visited a slew of kitchen design showrooms. The result of her efforts? She decided to complete her kitchen with white quartz countertops. She loved the clean, crisp, and refreshing look of all-white kitchens, and after previously considering Carrera marble, she decided she didn’t want to put up with the maintenance involved. She also loved the versatility of an all-white kitchen since the look could easily be changed up by altering her accessories and floral arrangements—and the white would really make the red knobs on her Wolf oven pop.

Choosing a Supplier

Once this homeowner knew what stone she wanted for her kitchen countertops, it was time to find a supplier. Since her new backsplash and cabinets were already installed, she knew she needed to find a reputable fabricator that would be able to install her new countertops with minimal damage to the rest of the kitchen. She received several bids from suppliers in the area, and she also conversed with friends to see if anyone had a recommendation – and sure enough, Connecticut Stone was indorsed for her new-construction kitchen.

The New Kitchen Is Complete

After talking with the homeowner, learning about her wants and needs, and discussing stone types and color options, the perfect white quartzite was located for her kitchen. Once it was installed, she was in love with the fresh, bright, contemporary look of her kitchen, and was thrilled that the Connecticut Stone team was able to install the new countertops without any damage to her existing backsplash. What’s more, she doesn’t even have to worry about the stone staining when she cooks with her family!

It was a pleasure working with this homeowner to complete her upgraded kitchen and we are so happy she is thrilled with the results.

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