Granite Stone Uses: From Common to Extraordinary

Granite is one of the most popular stone options in commercial and residential designs. It offers incredible durability and a rich array of colors, patterns, and finishes, so it can make any space look amazing. Additionally, granite is extremely versatile. It can be used in everything from granite countertops to granite pavers. Here is a look at the most common ways granite stone from our company in Connecticut is incorporated into interior and exterior designs, as well as some more unique uses that can give your project the perfect finishing touch. No matter what use you come up with, you can be sure the allure and resilience of granite stone will shine through.

Common Uses for Granite Stone in CT

  • Granite ThinStone™ – Proprietary to our granite company, ThinStone™ is a veneer made out of 100% natural stone. We take all of the beauty and durability of granite but package it in a more manageable way. Available in a number of colors and patterns, ThinStone™ makes for stunning wall and fireplace applications.  It is a popular way to incorporate granite into interior and exterior designs.
  • Granite Stone Exterior Cladding – Granite cladding is commonly chosen because it provides buildings with a strong, durable, captivating finish. Large format cladding is preferred over other options for architectural designs that call for clean, modern lines and a durable finish. Our CT granite company can cut large format panels reducing the required number of grout joints.
  • Granite Stone Exterior Paving – When it comes to exterior paving options, granite is among the most frequently chosen. This is for many reasons. First, granite stone can be cut into large format squares and rectangles with a variety of finishes including flamed, sandblasted, bush-hammered, honed and polished. These cuts can be installed to provide a one-of-a-kind surface that elevates the curb appeal. Secondly, granite can withstand freezing temperatures and the thaw that follows them without harm.
  • Granite Countertops – Granite countertops are commonly associated with high-end kitchens, which makes them a common choice among designers. However, they are not being used as frequently as in the past because many more options, such as man-made quartz and quartzite, have become available. That being said, granite is still a very practical and eye-catching stone selection for people who demand durability yet desire a natural stone look that emulates marble. Our granite countertop slabs are sourced from around the world and are available in many colors and vein patterns to fit any design aesthetic.

Unique Uses for Granite Stone in Connecticut

  • Granite Stone Shelving – Whether being integrated into a bathroom, kitchen, or living room, granite stone shelving is a beautiful way to incorporate coordinating storage space into any room. As your granite supplier in CT, we will help you select long, thin slabs for the perfect shelving option.
  • Granite Stone Fireplace – No matter what the current fireplace is made out of, granite stone makes for a simple upgrade. You can use granite slabs or tiles to install over the existing fireplace and be left with an eye-catching focal point that will bring new life to the fireplace.
  • Granite Stone Accent Tables – Granite countertops are common because of their allure and durability, and you can bring this same function to end tables and coffee tables. Look for granite stone slabs that are similar in color and veining patterns to make a coordinating set.
  • Granite Stone Sinks – While porcelain and stainless steel may be common sink options, granite is quickly becoming the latest trend. Granite sinks are created by combining resin with granite dust and then molding it into the proper shape. Thanks to its inherent durability, granite sinks are functional even when they are used every day.
  • Granite Stone Garden Accents – Granite stone in CT isn’t just for indoor use. In fact, it withstands the elements beautifully, making it an excellent choice for garden or backyard accents. Choose granite pavers to edge the driveway or garden, or use them to form a cobblestone pathway, driveway, or patio. The striking veining and color of the stone will look incredible next to the foliage and bright blossoms found outdoors.

No matter what creative ways you come up with to integrate granite stone into your designs, you can rely on us as your granite supplier in CT. We have a diverse selection of granite countertops and slabs, and we can help you find the one that will be perfect for whatever common or extraordinary use inspires you. To learn more, contact our granite company in CT today.

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