Connecticut Stone Clean & Care Maintenance Program

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Have Your Stone Surfaces Professionally Cleaned and Sealed

You asked, and we delivered! We here at Connecticut Stone are proud to announce our new stone care and maintenance program, Connecticut Stone Clean & Care.

Daily wear and tear, improper cleaning, and acidic items can degrade and damage your natural stone’s surface. But with the right treatment, products, and the help of a professional, your stone can look beautiful for a lifetime. With our Connecticut Stone Clean & Care program, our team will professionally clean and seal natural stone countertops, vanities, fireplaces, tub decks, and more with high quality products like Laticrete StoneTech care products that are specifically formulated to clean and protect stone surfaces – you can even purchase these expert-grade cleaning products right on our website!

If you’re looking for a good cleaning before the holidays or you accidentally spill and stain your counter, we offer a one-time service call for those emergency situations. But if you’re looking for consistency and want an annual cleaning, our maintenance program is the right fit for you! Designed with your cleaning needs in mind, we’re offering different service levels and cleaning options to fit your lifestyle and your household.

We Offer a Variety of Services Completed by Our Expert Technicians:

  • Visual Inspection – check to make sure the material is still properly installed and adhered, that gaps are shimmed and supported, and seams are bonded.
  • Clean & Prep – clean and remove any unwanted materials that may be on the surface.
  • Seam & Chip Repair – replace any loose or missing epoxy or adhesive and fill in small chips or missing material with the best possible color match.
  • Caulking – remove loose caulking or splash separation from walls or cabinets and replace with the appropriately selected product.
  • Sealing – clean and remove excess material and apply appropriate sealer.

The homeowner will be responsible for clearing personal belongings from the areas being serviced. Please note that a separate service call may be required to correct etches, scratches, stains, or over worn material, as this is not included in this program.

For more information on our annual maintenance program and the service level offerings, contact us today!