ThinStone™ Applications and Installation: Fireplaces and More

When your clients are looking to achieve the look and feel of a natural stone wall at a reasonable price-point, ThinStone™ is an excellent product to recommend. Specifically, ThinStone™ refers to our very own stone veneer that can be used in both interior and exterior applications. This lightweight and economical product is easy to install, made from 100% natural quarried stone veneer, and is available in more than 80 different colors and patterns.

In the attached video, you can see for yourself how ThinStone™ is used to create a beautiful stacked-stone fireplace surround.

Benefits of ThinStone™

Because ThinStone™ is made of natural stone, it doesn’t just look like the real thing; it is the real thing! This makes it an excellent option for both residential and commercial projects where thinner stone is required. ThinStone™ ranges from ¾” to 1 ½” thick rather than typical 4”-6” thick for traditional building veneer. Due to its significantly lighter weight, both transport and installation is faster, easier, and more economical. Meanwhile, ThinStone™ stands up to the test of time (and elements) with just as much durability as natural stone.

For masonry professionals, ThinStone™ is a dream to work with due to its easy installation and lightweight material. Getting materials to and from your clients’ locations is a breeze, and you’re able to pass the cost and time savings onto your clients. Keep reading to see the specific steps involved in installing ThinStone™ in the next section.

Interior and Exterior Installation of ThinStone™

In the attached video, you can see first-hand how a mason installs ThinStone™ on an interior fireplace. The interior installation of ThinStone™ can be installed directly over plywood, concrete block, or cement board. Best practice for exterior ThinStone™ applications is to apply a scratch coat to the substrate before installing ThinStone™.

When working with ThinStone™, just as when working with any other natural stone, protective eyewear and gloves are recommended. Our team at Connecticut Stone typically recommends using Spec Mix veneer mortar for ThinStone™ application; it is sold in 80-pound bags and is generally mixed with 5.5 quarts of water to achieve ideal consistency. Masons should be aware, however, that mixing ratios can vary slightly depending on climate and other conditions.

When installing ThinStone™ to a fireplace surround, for example, masons should cover the entire back of the stone in mortar to ensure proper adhesion. Many masons will apply mortar at varying thicknesses to achieve more visual interest when laying individual ThinStone™ pieces, but your approach will depend on your client’s preferences.

If you desire a natural look, the mason can use a brick hammer to chip away at individual pieces of ThinStone™. Alternatively, a diamond blade can be used for cleaner cuts yielding a more modern appearance. L-shaped ThinStone™ pieces are also available for corners to help achieve the look of traditional 4”-6” thick building stone.

When working with ThinStone™ or any other natural stone product, a good rule to follow is to measure (at least) twice and cut once. It’s also important to note that after ThinStone™ is adhered using mortar, it’s not easy to remove if any mistakes are made.

The Bottom Line

Part of the beauty of ThinStone™ is that its installation and application is so versatile; two masons could receive the exact same ThinStone™ products and end up with a completely different look once it’s installed. This versatility, in addition to its cost-effectiveness and easy installation, makes it a popular option for use in fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchen spaces, shower walls, and everything in between.

Contact Connecticut Stone today to find out more about ThinStone™; we’re also happy to prepare custom blends and sizes upon request.

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