Dekton: The New Generation of Countertop Materials

At Connecticut Stone, we're proud to carry an innovative product known as Dekton, which can be used in both interior and exterior applications. This technically advanced product offers incredible durability—and because it can be used for many applications and projects, Dekton is perfect for any client who is looking for a practical yet beautiful material option to use on any interior or exterior home space.

What is Dekton, Anyway?

Dekton represents the latest and greatest technology when it comes to fused materials; specifically, this sintered stone is a combination of various materials incredibly pressurized to yield an extremely durable top. It is made up of a blend of raw materials, including high-quality quartz, to create a low-maintenance and non-porous surface that comes in a wide range of colors and styles.

At Connecticut Stone, we carry Dekton in several collections, styles, and colors to suit your clients' tastes. The Dekton Xgloss Collection is extremely popular for interior applications due to its high gloss finish. Some other collections of Dekton that we carry include:

  • Tech Collection
  • Natural Collection
  • Solid Collection
  • Wild Collection
  • Industrial Collection

Interior Applications for Dekton

Dekton's high durability and low maintenance make it a popular material option for both interior and exterior applications. In the attached video, you'll see Dekton being used for a countertop surface—one of its most common applications. This particular countertop is from our aforementioned Dekton Xgloss line, which boasts a very high shine and highly polished appearance. However, it also comes in more matte styles for homeowners who would prefer a more subdued look.

Dekton for interior countertops comes in a few different thickness options, including 6mm, 12mm, and 2cm. We generally recommend a thickness of 12mm or 2cm for those who plan on using Dekton for countertops, as this allows for more surface material to be used when it’s being mitered. However, thinner Dekton materials (such as the 6mm thickness) may be ideal for a slab shower or fireplace facing application. Some homeowners may even choose to use Dekton to create an accent wall, as it is light and thin enough for such a project.

Dekton can also be paired with a beautiful backsplash to create a truly one-of-a-kind and eye-catching look.

Benefits of Using Dekton

So, what makes Dekton ideal? For starters, its manufacturing process makes it inherently durable.

Due to its hardness, it is incredibly resistant to scratches. It is also resistant to staining and damage from temperature extremes. Dekton is not porous so it will not absorb stains or other liquids, and it will not etch over time. Unlike other materials, it also won't need to be seal-coated, making it extremely low maintenance. This makes it a popular choice for vertical applications and commercial high-traffic areas, especially as an alternative to sheetrock. For example, Connecticut Stone recently installed Dekton at the headquarters of a well-known broadcasting company. Because so many people are walking through the building every day, Dekton was recommended for the high-traffic area.

In residential applications, it is commonly used as a countertop option. Because it is resistant to heat damage, homeowners can also set hot pots and pans directly on the countertop surface without having to worry about scorching, cracking, or other damage.

Dekton Materials from Connecticut Stone

Being able to offer your clients the highest quality materials is a must, and at Connecticut Stone, we strive to make that easy for you. As you can see from the beautiful family room in the attached video, Dekton has the potential to transform a living space and can be used in a number of other applications (both residentially and commercially) as well. Our wide offering of Dekton materials in thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 2cm makes it easy for you to recommend the right choice for your client's next product.

Find out more about Dekton and our other stone materials by contacting the Connecticut Stone team today. We also encourage you to visit our Milford showroom to see many of our materials in person. Let our experts help you provide the quality materials your clients demand and deserve!